Chérie Roselle Essence: A Beauty Drink with Sweet and Sour Taste
Having a cup of the Roselle Essence with a sweet and sour taste in the busy afternoon is the best comforting drink to refresh and get vitality again. This healthy drink is made by the roselle of Taiwan. Plus, adding the red date extract balances the sour taste of the drink and turns it tasty.


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The roselle is a flowering plant with a lot of benefits. There's even a romantic yet poignant story about this plant in ancient China. In 223, Cao Zhi, a prince of the state of Cao Wei as well as an accomplished and renowned poet in the Three Kingdoms period of China, had written a Chinese rhymed prose ''Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River'' to memorize a passing tragical romance. Up to modern times, there's still constant commendation that the roselle is good for health.

The roselle is rich in anthocyanidins, flavonoid compounds, and total polyphenols. These polyphenolic compounds are beneficial for beauty, the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, fever reliever, and the increase of hemoglobin. More than that, the roselle is rich in vitamin C so this plant is often the first choice to make the healthy drink. Next, the brand Chérie will showcase its core extraction techniques and demonstrate how to put the roselle into play and maximize its benefits for the aim of taking care of women's health.

The Key of the Drink: Free of Additive
Marketing positioning as a healthy drink, the Roselle Essence is made by the roselle of Taiwan. It's the brand insistence of Chérie for promoting the culture and food of Taiwan. Chérie selects the whole calyx of the roselle, the highest nutritional value of this plant, and uses up-to-date technology to extract it and keep a high concentration of its nutrition essence. The extraction concentration goes up to six to seven times, which preserves the complete nutrition of the roselle.

Moreover, Chérie takes female body maintenance into account so that there are just 8.7 calories for a pack of the Roselle Essence. More than that, there's no added sugar, and is free of artificial sweeteners and caffeine. Even if the consumers taste a cup of iced Roselle Essence in the afternoon, they could fall asleep easily at night.

Red Dates Benefit Good Health & Taste Sweet
Chérie takes the natural sweetness of red date extract to replace the refined sugar. So women don't need to worry about having too much hidden sugar while tasting the Roselle Essence. Meanwhile, the beauty drink Roselle Essence contains the iron of the red dates as well as 17 essential amino acids for humans. Further, Chérie adds an exclusive recipe, mushroom polysaccharide extract, into the Roselle Essence to benefit health.

Multi-ways to Taste the Roselle Essence
It's acceptable to taste the Roselle Essence with its original flavor or to taste it by mixing other ingredients. The easiest way is to open the Roselle Essence bag and taste it. It's the best way to taste this healthy drink for busy women, which takes the shortest time and occupies a tiny space in a woman's handbag. Or try to mix the Roselle Essence with ice and juice to make an exclusive-flavored beauty drink and enjoy your time.

Chérie's Brand Vision

Chérie, which is pronounced "Tian Xin Li" in Mandarin, has its own meaning. "Tian", which means "field", represents coming from the mother earth, using selected natural materials, and emphasizing sustainability, health, and environmental friendliness. "Xin", means "heart", symbolizes a warm and sweet heart. It carefully checks the manufacturing process from the perspective of taking care of families. "Li", means "village", symbolizes solidarity and sharing, friendly connecting the supply chain from Taiwan, promoting good food from Taiwan, and sharing with all delicacy aficionados in the world.
What is Chérie doing?

Chérie mainly focuses on oral beauty products. At the current stage, it includes oral maintenance foods such as black soybean essence water (Black Soybean Essence), milkfish essence, and cooperatively carries out research and development with major food manufacturers in Taiwan. It selects local ingredients in Taiwan and produces them locally, managing to protect the environment, reducing carbon footprint, and promoting Taiwan culture and food.

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