Starry Meow’s 2021 Astrology Guide of Prosperity
The twelve signs of the zodiac have their own different methods of prosperity, lucky color, and the direction of seeking wealth during the New Year period. As long as you follow the direction of good fortune, you can have auspicious positive energy! After all, well begun is half done. I hope we all prosper together for a good New Year.

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The Lunar New Year is coming at the end of January. It is the year of the rat, the beginning of the zodiac. If you can have good luck in the beginning, a prosperous future may follow through the whole year. The twelve signs of the zodiac have their own different methods of prosperity, lucky color, and the direction of seeking wealth during the New Year. As long as you follow the direction of good fortune, you can have auspicious positive energy! After all, well begun is half done. Hope we all prosper together for a good New Year. (Please use the sun sign and rising sign as reference)

Horoscope: ★★★
Aries has a little bit of good fortune on wealth this month. You may try your luck during the new year, but remember: money comes quickly, spend quickly as well. Do not talk through your hat or let yourself too indulgent, or you have the possibility of becoming fat or being hated for talking big.
Color correspondence: Earthen colors
The direction of prosperity: South
Behavior of prosperity: Greet your neighbors, elders, and friends more often, and say more auspicious words to attract good luck.

Horoscope: ★★★★
This month is very suitable for Taurus to relax. Your fortune is good as your smile on your face. However, the year-end bonus might be the only positive fortune for prosperity during the new year, please remember to be satisfied with anything good.
Color correspondence: Yellow
The direction of prosperity: West
Behavior of prosperity: You can go to the bank or the temple of the god of wealth to enhance positive wealth luck.

Horoscope: ★★★★
Gemini has just been relieved of a heavy burden; the feeling of happiness is suitable for a relaxing vacation. Going out to see nature will be refreshing. The luck of prosperity is ordinary, remember: To give is to take, change the scene of mind is the most important.
Color correspondence: Blue
The direction of prosperity: Southeast
Behavior of prosperity: A month suitable for donations of good deeds. Your mind will find peace with those good deeds you made.

Horoscope: ★★
Cancerians recently struggled to arrange New Year's Eve reunion and other plans, feeling more tired on vacation than at work, and the money they should spend is not less at all, but more than the usual expenses. Try to change the mind of your thinking, the family's smile makes everything worth it.
Color correspondence: Red
The direction of prosperity: Northeast
Behavior of prosperity: Bring the spring couplets or red envelopes with you, or wear more red accessories to enhance the fortune of the prosperity.

Horoscope Analysis: ★★★
Leo's excellent performance at work makes for a good end of the year. The bonus is enough to make for a good new year, which brings in a good mood. However, during this period, your other half will tend to be more arguing, remember that winning out in an argument is not a win-win situation.
Color correspondence: Gold
The direction of prosperity: Southwest West
Behavior of prosperity: Give red envelopes to the other half, harmony in a family brings success to everything.

Horoscope: ★★★★
Virgo is in a good mood because the satisfaction with relationships and careers getting better. Especially the relationship with the other half is warming up, this might be a good opportunity to introduce them to friends and relatives.
Color correspondence: Pink
The direction of prosperity: Southeast East
Behavior of prosperity: Try to visit the old friends and relatives' home. Wearing smiles will draw good fortune.

Horoscope: ★★★
Libra had a mediocre year, thus 2020 will be a big year of breakthrough, also very suitable for the beginning of the new career. Prosperity fortune comes with stable steps, you have to make effort to reach it.
Color correspondence: Silver
The direction of prosperity: Northwest West
Behavior of prosperity: Write down your New Year’s resolution, and take practical steps to achieve them.

Horoscope: ★★★
Scorpio had a relatively uneventful year, always striving to succeed but the spotlights were always stolen by someone else, hence the loss of many chances. But in 2020, everything is going to change. You have been stood in the front line and brave enough to make a commitment. Remember to believe in yourself that you can do it.
Color correspondence: Brown
The direction of prosperity: North North East
Behavior of prosperity: a new briefcase, purse, or notebook, brand new to bring good vibes.

Horoscope: ★★★★
Sagittarius often offend others without knowing because of their care-free nature and the not-thoughtful-enough way of handling things. In the new year, make sure to follow the principle of “Not to bite off more than you can chew”, take your time, and focus to do things right.
Corresponding color: Black and gray
The direction of prosperity: East
Behavior of prosperity: Have some haircut, change your style, make yourself refreshing.

Many planets are located in the 1st house of Capricorn. The ups and downs of the past years carved you in very deeply, and you had this feeling of nowhere to hide. The good news is, there is a small fortune of prosperity, so you may buy some Lottery tickets during the new year, maybe you will be the lucky one.
Color correspondence: Green
The direction of prosperity: Southwest
Behavior of prosperity: Buy a small potted plant or a small fish tank and put them on the desk, they symbolize the endless circle of life.

Horoscope: ★★★★
Aquarius have encountered some difficulties and challenges in the past year, all of these will feel much smoother in the new year. Your work effort will be recognized and there is a possibility of a salary increase.
Color correspondence: Aqua blue
The direction of prosperity: South-South East
Behavior of prosperity: Try to wear some jewelry, bracelets, or necklaces to enhance the momentum and gain the fortune of wealth.

Horoscope: ★★★★★
It is a harvest year for Pisces. At the end of the year, you are feeling quite successful in your career, a large amount of income, and the whole body is full of joy. The fortune of the new year is also prosperous, but you should remember to be modest and make sure your money is not exposed.
Color correspondence: White
The direction of prosperity: North
Behavior of prosperity: Have some new furnishing for your house such as changing the bed sheets or covers. A clean house will draw a prosperous fortune.

As long as you follow the direction of good fortune, you can have auspicious positive energy

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