The Remarkable Black Soybean Water
To many people, black soybean water is no stranger, and it has even become a daily drink. But the black soybean water which is introduced today is not only a packet filled with high quality, health, and convenience, but also a girl’s amazing dream tour!


TextBecky Tu

Let’s start with black soybeans. How fabulous are those beans?

Black soybeans are rich in anthocyanin and act as an excellent source of vegetable protein. They are not only easy to digest and absorb, but also can help lower Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (LDL-C), reduce bone loss, and prevent osteoporosis.

Many girls love to drink black soybean water because it helps to eliminate fluid retention. Black soybeans have an abundant supply of mineral potassium. After brewing, a part of the potassium can be soluble in water, and helps to get rid of excess water in the body. The Black Soybean Essence released by Chérie is the founder, Evelyn Lee’s brainchild. She recalls that during her postpartum confinement, black soybean water plays an important role in recuperating her body. Therefore, she hopes to provide a brand that is convenient, healthy, and can maintain beauty for more women. Come meet Chérie today!

A Dream Pursuing Trip
Evelyn recalls the black soybean water she drank during postpartum confinement seems to have a great effect on recuperating the body. She started to seriously research the efficacy of black soybeans from scratch, and set the tone of the first product- Black Soybean Essence, for the start-up brand Chérie
Black Soybean Essence of Chérie
The Black Soybean Essence launched by Chérie can be deemed as an upgraded version of black soybean water, just like a drinking care product. Black Soybean Essence's extract ratio is 375: 1 (black soybeans: water), almost 93 times the normal black soybeans water available in the market. Mostly, general black soybean water uses 12g black soybeans to brew in 300cc of water. However, the Black Soybean Essence uses carefully select black soybeans with Taiwan traceability, extracting and preserving complete nutrition by patented technology, and is packaged in ready-to-drink vacuum packets that can be carried everywhere, which is convenient for drinking. Many people are accustomed to drinking a cup of coffee in the morning to give themselves a lift; however, occasionally replacing it with black soybean tea which is decaffeinated, is also extremely suitable for professional women to maintain energy.

To Evelyn, who just won the silver award of the "Business Woman of The Year" awarded by the SME National Business Awards at the end of 2021, the release of the brand "Chérie" can be regarded as an affirmation of her unstoppable struggles on the road of entrepreneurship. After "ShuangRenHsu" dry noodles won the British food industry's authoritative award "Quality Food Award" and became the first Taiwanese brand which is awarded, Evelyn extended her business to the field of women's health with the brand Chérie this time, hoping to combine more local premium agricultural products and diet philosophy in Taiwan, and become the best cooperation bridge between Asia and Europe.

Chérie, which is pronounced "Tian Xin Li" in Mandarin, has its own meaning. "Tian", which means "field", represents coming from the mother earth, using selected natural materials, and emphasizing sustainability, health, and environmental friendliness. "Xin", means "heart", symbolizes a warm and sweet heart. It carefully checks the manufacturing process from the perspective of taking care of families. "Li", means "village", symbolizes solidarity and sharing, friendly connecting the supply chain from Taiwan, promoting good food from Taiwan, and sharing with all delicacy aficionados in the world.
The King of Beans- Black Soybeans

Black soybeans are 20 times higher than soybeans in vitamin A and are also 48 times higher than soybeans in β- Carotene, and their antioxidant capacity is 50 times higher than that of vitamin E. In a nutshell, black soybeans have nutritional values as follows:

  •  Protein - improving physical strength
  •  Dietary fiber - maintaining digestive tract function
  •  Anthocyanin – maintaining beauty and staying young
  •  Soybean isoflavones -- postpartum or post disease recuperating
  •  Vitamins A & B & E - adjusting physique
  •  β- Carotene - helping tooth and bone grow
  •  Folic acid - regulating physiological function
  •  Iron -nutrient enhancing
However, although black soybeans are high in nutritional value, they also must be limited in consumption. Those who have poor renal function, flatulence-prone physique, gout, hysteromyoma, and breast cancer are recommended to reduce the intake of black soybeans。


What is Chérie doing?

Chérie mainly focuses on oral beauty products. At the current stage, it includes oral maintenance foods such as black soybean essence water (Black Soybean Essence), milkfish essence, and cooperatively carries out research and development with major food manufacturers in Taiwan. It selects local ingredients in Taiwan and produces them locally, managing to protect the environment, reducing carbon footprint, and promoting Taiwan culture and food.
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