Mucha- The Story Of An Artist Who Created A Style
Through Mucha's unique and Art Nouveau styles, the lady in the painting is elegant and attractive shines with her exclusive charm. The film "Mucha: The Story of an Artist Who Created a Style" tells a story about Mucha's stunning artistic creations and his legendary life. The scenes showing the European streets in the early 19th century bring the audience back to the good old days. Plus, the amazing original soundtrack, this film uses the way of visual feast bring the beautiful scenery of Europe to the viewers who are over the world and can't travel to there due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Alfons Mucha was a Czech-born artist who became famous in Paris. Mucha earned a living by producing illustrations and advertisements in the beginning. On Christmas eve of 1894, he was unexpectedly assigned to design a poster for the new year's play starring Sarah Bernhardt, who was the French most popular stage actress in Paris then. The theatrical poster "Gismonda" produced for Bernhardt's play gave magic to Mucha and gave him the first success in Paris. Such dramatic changes did not just bring him successful notice but made him become an important role in publicizing the Art Nouveau style. His tremendous impact lasts until today. For instance, the Japanese animation master Miyazaki Hayao and Frozen, a computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, both got inspired by Mucha. The New York Times had admired him as "the greatest artist of the decorative art in the world".

Currently, the special exhibition "Timeless Mucha-Mucha to Manga: The Magic of Line" just opens in Taipei. The documentary was filmed from the perspective of Jiri, son of Alphonse Mucha, which tells a story about Alphonse Mucha's artistic creation, family, and legendary life. The Japanese illustration master Yoshitaka Amano, the American psychedelic poster designer Stanley Mouse, and the American street graffiti artist Mear One was invited to the film to talk about how they and their creations got inspired by Alphonse Mucha.

Surprising Guest Stars : Vincent van Gogh & Pierre-Auguste Renoir
[Plot Summary]
In 1894, Mucha was unexpectedly assigned to produce a theatrical poster "Gismonda" for the new year's play starring Sarah Bernhardt, a French most popular stage actress in Paris then. Surprisingly, the posters were stolen many times on the Paris streets in broad daylight. This accidental event made him become an overnight sensation! Through Mucha's unique and Art Nouveau styles, the lady in the painting is elegant and attractive shines with her exclusive charm. Mucha's representative work includes The Slav Epic, Zodiac, and The Seasons series. After Mucha died, the hippie movement rediscovered the pictorial world of his Art Nouveau paintings in the 1960s, which influenced the artists worldwide to the date.


The film Mucha: The Story of an Artist Who Created a Style which describes an artist taking the world by storm - Alphonse Mucha and his legendary life will be released in the middle of January in Taiwan. What makes the audience surprised is two guest stars shown in the film, Vincent van Gogh and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The fact is that Mucha had close contact with them. Even, Paul Gauguin was Mucha's close roommate then as they both liked to play the harmonium for pressure release in the painting studio. In the film, Mucha also exposed the little secrets of Paul Gauguin. Like Gauguin never satisfied with his creations. One day, Gauguin suddenly flew into a rage, pushed over the easel, and said, "I couldn't even paint!" However, Gauguin became a celebrated post-Impressionist artist after he died. A German daily newspaper Die Tageszeitung had admired this feature documentary and described it as "a grandiose staged portrait of an artist," which means the audience could have a peek at the secrets that how Mucha's Art Nouveau styles swept through the world.

Produced with a lot of actors, hand-drawn animation, and valuable files, this documentary describes a place where the legendary Mucha began, the culturally sophisticated Paris in the 19th century. When Mucha just arrived in Paris, he lived in a boarding house named Madame Charlotte's Crémerie. As Mrs. Charlotte could accept the paintings in place of rent, Mucha often sold his artistic creations to her for daily meals then. Someday, Paul Gauguin entered Madame Charlotte's when Mucha was eating lunch. Since Gauguin didn't have a personal painting studio to produce his creation, Mucha said, "my painting space was large enough for two men." Muchas generously shared his painting space with Gauguin. They became best friends, therefore. However, Paul Gauguin's art exhibition totally screwed up later. The public didn't yet realize how great he could be at that time. Until he died in the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia in 1903, he eventually turned into a legendary artist.
This feature film was produced based on the work of Jiri Mucha, the son of the Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha. It's a documentary that leads the audience to know how Alphonse Mucha succeeded then and explore his unknown, inner world. Such an excellent film-making makes the biographical movie unique and eye-popping.

Mucha-The Story Of An Artist Who Created A Style
Release Date:January 14, 2022

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