Fong’s Vege Table 2 -- A More Colorful World of Vegetables
Which cuisine do you think of when you hear the word, vegetable? The range could vary widely and vegan is only a small part of if it. This book will introduce you to healthier, more delicious, and exquisite vegetable cuisines and overthrow your precious knowledge of vegetables. Welcome to the abundant and invigorating world of vegetables.

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Lancaster Tien/Text & Photography
Born in Taipei, Taiwan, and the founder of Seed Music Co., Ltd., Lancaster Tien is the youngest entrepreneur in the history of Taiwan’s popular music and the key pushing hand behind many big stars. Tien is an artist in the fields of music, literature, and photography, with many popular books published.

Haruhiko Lin/Text
Born in Nantou, 1987, Haruhiko is a meat-eater. Graduated from the Department of Western Culinary Arts and the Graduate Institute of Food Culture and Innovation, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism. He currently works as the special assistant to the CEO of 3People Co., Ltd. and owns the blog of “Haruhiko.live.”

Changes in Life by Vegetables

Before I became a vegetarian, I have always been surrounded by people due to my profession and the dining table was always served with shark fins, abalone, bird’s nest, and red wine. I only went to 5-star restaurants when dining out. I have spent a lot of money in order to receive my guests with good food and good drinks of meat and wine, and I considered all these were necessary expenses.
When I started eating vegetables only, everyone knew about my changes in diet, and the number of friends eating at my house was reduced and I have substantially cut down the opportunities to eat out. I have more time to "prepare food for myself" and "eat by myself." I no longer request for extravaganza for the diet or eating expensive food, which subsequently reduced my expenses in food purchase and social events. These changes seem minor but have gradually changed my attitude towards life and value.

I have eventually become aware that nothing should be taken for granted and I can receive more than others is not only because of my hardworking but also because I am very fortunate. Fortune is a heavenly gift and I must cherish such fortune by sharing what I own with others. The motive to produce and publish Fong’s Vege Table 2 is coincidently the feedback received from sharing.
You cannot force one to make the change voluntarily since it takes gradual progress. It will be better to make people aware that "vegetables are delicious" and people will naturally and voluntarily become vegetarian. Such feedback not only proves my point but also makes me aware that my sharing and advocacy can make an impact and change others.


Enter the Abundant and Invigorating World of Vegetables
Extending the writing style from Fong's Vege Table, the publication of Fong's Vege Table 2 selects 75 restaurants and snacks highly recommended. The standards of restaurant assessment still maintain the existing four levels, namely the "recommended,"  "1 star,"  "2 star," and "3 star."
Recommended: New or tasty dishes that merit a try.
1 Star: Surprising cuisines and other parts have met the basic standards.
2 Star: Exquisite culinary arts with special and identifiable features of the dishes.
3 Star: Originality and trendy, which could not be replicated or replaced within a short period of time.

Adventure of Savor in TAIGA
1 Star★☆☆
No. 125-1, Section 3, Muzha Rd, Wenshan District, Taipei City, 116  02-22342231   Vegan
I recommend the tangerine and nut drinks and the tomato with vegetable stew at TAIGA.


In the magic world of Harry Potter, Leaky Cauldron is the access from the Muggle world to the wizarding world, which the wizards may easily miss out on. The Muggle could not even see the existence of this bar. In Muzha, I have discovered my own "Leaky Cauldron.”
There is one 50-year-old canary building in the district of National Chengchi University, which wooden window frame seemed out of place with the surrounding houses, but yet elegantly, quietly, and properly blended in the surrounding environment. When you discover this building, open the door with courage and you will experience the magic of tongue brought by TAIGA.


There are too many brunch-based restaurants and that indirectly leads to my higher demand for brunch food. The reason I walked into TAIGA was because of its unique decoration atmosphere and all corners exhibited the exquisite and exclusive aesthetics of the mind. However, this place is not only beautiful, but the food is the true charm of the restaurant.
I can never resist dishes prepared with fruit, particularly pineapple. I definitely can be called the passionate fan of pineapple. The world-famous vegetarian meat is placed on the pineapple as the tender, juicy and mouth-watering "TAIGA burger." The gustation impact of one bite is an enticing savor that one must not miss. The tomato with vegetable stew is also the must-order dish, which contains tomato, carrot and potato that highlight each other. The dish is strong, colorful, and juicy. What is more touching is that all sauces of the restaurant are homemade, including the earl salad dressing, Thai peanut dressing, Italian nut sauce, and even the tangerine sauce added to the nutty milk, which all cast the fascinating magic of delicacy.


Slow down your path with some friends and experience a luxurious adventure of savor in a casual afternoon. You will find more sparkles from food than you can imagine. It is like a textbook of magic and you will find yourself trapped after opening the book.


This article above was taken from Fong's Vege Table 2 published by Business Weekly  Publications, in December 2021.

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