Inspiring “Gagarine”
In this chapter of youth filled with courage and sentiment, the director has created this lovely and romantic “Gagarine” under the director’s mixture of many unique elements. This is a lovely, saddening, beautiful, and yet profoundly sentimental journey that encourages everyone to join.

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TextBecky Tu

“Gagarine” is the first movie directed by new French directors Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh. The movie is based on a true incident of urban renewal in Paris. This movie not only won the 2020 Cannes Film Festival with an unexpected victory but was also nominated to the European Film Academy – Discovery Award. The American media, indieWire praised the film as “lovely yet saddening, beautiful yet profound.” The English Guardian also highly recommended it as a “very wonderful movie.” The movie is so inspirational that received 100% movie reviews on the American Rotten Tomatoes. The American “Variety” newsletter even praised this movie as “Arising from adversities and touching dreams.”

Magic and Realistic Charm

Gagarine describes Yuri, 16, who has lived all his life in an old Gagarin Towers community scheduled for demolishing. He has been abandoned by his mother since little and yet he embraces a great dream, in spite of his struggle for livelihood. He wishes to become like his hero, the first astronaut in the history of humans - Yury Gagarin and to travel in the sky. Later, Yuri struggled to save the community from demolition but unfortunately, things did not turn out the way he wanted. Under such a depressing moment, he plans to achieve his dream to fly to the sky on the countdown of his community demolition... 

This movie is an adaptation of a true urban renewal incident in Paris, where the young protagonist, Yuri (played by young French actor - Alseni Bathily) grew up. This vast “Gagarin Housing Project” is known for the red-brick wall and was domiciled by 370 units. The housing project was built in the 1960s, under the government of French Communists. The movie not only was shot in real scenes but corresponded with the virtual fantasy and real life, having the overlooking screens of the movie resemble the roaming of outer space. A space shuttle is built from the ruins about to be demolished, filling the whole movie with the magic and realistic style. Moreover, as the story plot evolves, the vast “Gagarin Housing Project” became ashes in the final massive explosion in the movie, and all the beautiful and saddening stories are merely saved in the movie, Gagarine

Gagarine was shot during the demolition period of the "Gagarin Housing Project" and was completed with the help of the residents. The two young directors tactfully transform reality and fantasy, and perfectly create an eccentric atmosphere, which reminds people that only the most unbearable places can be discovered with the most beautiful memories. This is a dream story woven by fragments. The space shuttle built by ruins and the affecting salute of most humble wishes from the people are blossoming the most vibrant vitality in adversities. One cannot help but say that the visual effect filled with vitality and imagination through the movie is overwhelming, which leads to the two directors winning the Best Director Award at the American Philadelphia Film Festival. Even the American media is giving the rare thumbs up and recommending the audience to go see the movie now. Do you want to experience the magic and realistic charm? List it in your must-see movie list now. 

Release Date:December 3, 2021

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