Starry Meow Weekly Horoscope 1013-1019
As Pluto resumes its prograde orbit in early October and Saturn resumes its prograde orbit on October 11, Mercury and Jupiter will also be going prograde on the 18th this week. This represents the gradual resolution of past problems or the establishment of a situation where the big picture has been settled. Things may not always turn around, but we have begun to adapt and have the courage to face its consequences.

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The Sun, Mars, and Mercury are still in Libra, and the overall environment is still subject to the possibility of disaster. Precautions make safety. And for some people, interpersonal relationships are still the focus. The uncomfortable state has come to the stage of truth-speaking, and if there are bad teammates in the work team, now is also the time to express, because it is no longer a good option to tolerate. The couple or partnership also requires good communication during this period. It is advisable to turn a passive attitude into a proactive one, instead of constantly speculating on each other's feelings. It is better to speak directly about your thoughts and needs.

Mercury retrograde will end on October 18, and the increasing chaos will be relieved for some of you, but for some signs, it is the beginning of a new challenge. In the phase where the stars going prograde, stopping to give yourself a pep talk and encouragement to take slow and steady steps will be the necessary philosophy to move on to the next phase.

Aries: Negotiate positively while paying attention to body and mind.
Taurus: Partnership opportunities bring good wealth fortune.
Gemini: Sorting out business and things have chances to change.
Cancer: Seize the opportunities before they fleet away.
Leo: Relationships turn around but beware of the scams.
Virgo: Don't focus on the small things, eyes on the bigger picture.
Libra: Schedule resources with a happy and busy mindset.
Scorpio: Try to decentralize your powers and go out for leisure.
Sagittarius: Take a step back and see the wide-open sky.
Capricorn: Listen to the words of others and love is on the way.
Aquarius: Smile more will bring you to better situations.
Pisces: Reminder from a valuable person leads you to the precious opportunity.

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