Moksha Ville: A Journey from Your Heart
When stepping into the "Moksha Ville," the yoga brand director, Norika Watanabe, welcomes us by serving a pot of hot bancha, a type of Japanese green tea. Surrounded by wooden decoration, the house's rustic interior design makes us immerse in a slow-living atmosphere.

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Ms. Watanabe founded the Moksha Ville in 2021 when she returned from Japan. She hopes to remind people of taking care of their bodies, minds, and souls. Moksha Ville is split into three major fields: Mok Yoga, Mok Kitchen, and Mok Wellness. The business concept aims to promote ''heart'' yoga, finding the balance of your body through yoga. Meanwhile, Moksha Ville promotes a wholly vegan diet, a lifestyle using food to take good care of your heart. More than that, here offers the customers a complete kit of Ayurvedic treatments served by the collaborative partner Sita. This set of Ayurveda remedies well uses ancient wisdom to help detox and purify your body.

Starting from your heart and listening to the voice of your body are the messages that Moksha Ville most hopes to tell to modern people. During hectic daily life, it's recommended to find a period, practice yoga's āsanas, and adjust the diet to find balance and peace between your breaths.

The Best Version of Yourself
Ms. Watanabe possesses 20+ years of experience as a yoga teacher in Japan. She says, at the beginning of entering the yoga universe, she didn't live in downtown Tokyo. There weren't any yoga studios nearby. So what she can do then was learn yoga by herself, and practice the yoga āsanas and body postures. After groping for a while, she decided to attend classes in a yoga studio in Tokyo to correctly learn yoga from a yoga teacher.
After finishing her first yoga class, she started a yoga journey for decades since then. And she went to training courses to become a qualified yoga teacher. She flew to many oversea countries to learn and accumulate 1500 hours of yoga training. Even now, she keeps the habit of yoga practice in her daily life.

After learning many yoga āsanas and methods, Ms. Watanabe encountered Tibetan Heart Yoga among numerous yoga branches. She longs for Heart Yoga and follows the Buddhist master, Geshe Michael Roach, to get his teaching and guidance.
And when talking about what she learned from yoga teaching, Ms. Watanabe says, there's no need to make yourself become someone else. And you don't have to be as excellent as other yoga classmates immediately. Yoga is not a game. The most important thing is to feel and understand the messages sent by your body and mind and then accept yourself.

Ms. Watanabe is promoting the concept of “macrobiotics” in her yoga studio Moksha Ville. She hopes to promote the macrobiotic lifestyle – using vegan and seasonal foods and choosing ingredients helpful for the body. She guides everyone starting from knowing the foods, understanding what each food ingredient benefits in your body, and then repairing your body and mind.

When entering the Moksha Ville, you can from inside out to feel everything that the field, yoga teachers, and physical therapists give to you. You can get calm, soothe the nerves, relieve the pressure of work and life, and then gently give yourself a while to have peaceful communication with yourself.

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