Lena's Beauty Recipe: A Memory of the Scent
For Lena Lee, a makeup artist, memories stand for who you are and what characteristics you present. And that's what you impress deeply in someone's mind. So, if you want to leave a good impression, choosing a good essential oil is the key.

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And oftentimes, when I smell a flavor, it'd remind me of what memories I've been through before. Perhaps it's a period, a feeling, or a person.

Flavors are a significant sensory stimulation for me. I've read a new report that flavors have huge affection on memory, learning, and people's emotions. I remember, in my childhood, my mother would use the reed diffuser in my study. I assume that she bought it due to a sale promotion. But now, that flavor has become part of my childhood, very impressive.

Just like the smell of mint massage oil spreading in my grandparents' bedroom. These smells have stayed in my memories for years. And because I'm sensitive to smells, when I choose a product to use in daily life, I'd choose its flavor carefully.

Using Essential Oils as Your Own Perfume
I've introduced Abysse's massage oil before. I personally admire the brand's perfume blending. The smell is so good as it makes me feel comfortable. This year, Abysse finally launches a new product – facial massage oil with two flavors - Pelargonium Roseum & Jasmine. The flavors of the main ingredients of these two massage oils are comfortable to give it a shot.

First of all, I'd introduce Abysse's French Premium Jasmine Moisturizing Essential Oil. Though this product's main note is jasmine, there's sweet almond oil added to the base. Sweet almond oil has many good benefits for the skin. It can soothe the skin from allergies and get the skin moisturized. It can also protect the skin from UV radiation damage. So some people would extra apply it on the areas around the eyes and then pat it gently to let it fully absorb and improve the dark circles under their eyes.

Although sweet almond oil is good for the skin, it's not recommended for those who are allergic to nuts! Next is the main ingredient of this bottle of essential oil – jasmine. Jasmine flavor is the most commonly used scent among most skincare brands. Apart from its relaxing smell, the jasmine scent is known as an aphrodisiac. In some places in India, people use jasmine flowers to decorate the newly married couple's bedroom for creating a romantic atmosphere. Meanwhile, the jasmine scent is frequently used to even menopause mood swings and even depression symptoms.

Next is Abysse's French Organic Pelargonium Roseum Essential Oil. Usually, I'd use this product to get relaxed when I feel tense. In addition to the flavor of Pelargonium Roseum, there's a lavender scent to make you feel relaxed and even mood swings. This product can balance the oil production of the skin, minimize the pores, and fade the acne scars. This product has one more special ingredient – Cananga Odorata, known as ylang-ylang. The main benefits of ylang-ylang are anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce skin redness. It's suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

Natural-plant-made essential oils have a great help for our skin, body, and even mind. I recommend you try Abysse's products if you're interested.

Lena Lee
Lena Lee is an honorary graduate from Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver, Canada. The school is ranked among the top beautician institutions in the world. She is a freelance professional make up artist residing in Taipei, Taiwan.

Lena has worked with many publications, designers, and runway shows. Her clients are big brands, media producers, designers, and independent photographers.

Her style is consider to be simple and elegant. Using this approach, she is able to captivate the subject's true beauty and convey the underlying message. Classical musicians and elegant movie starlets of old Hollywood are strong influences that are shown in Lena's work.

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