A Skincare Talk at a Tea Party
Held by Yii, the makeup artist Lena Lee, and the founder of Snow Fox Skincare, Phoebe Song, the theme for today's “Skincare Talk” is big questions about beauty and skin care. This sharing session talks about how to make your skincare steps simpler and easier.

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TextWenchien Wu

As struggling with inflammatory rosacea for years, Phoebe Song, the founder of Snow Fox Skincare, talks about her experiences with the skincare products she used in the past. The result is that it's hard to find a product with simple ingredients, excellent benefits, and it can make your skin healthier. Fortunately, with Song's and the skincare and cosmetics ingredient manufacturer's collaborative R&D and untiring effort, she founded Snow Fox Skincare. How to make the product effective and safe and contain simple ingredients are the cores that she runs the skincare business.

The makeup artist Lena Lee has given a trial of a series of Snow Fox Skincare products. She feels that these two lavender series products – Goodnight Lavender Facial Cleansing Oil & Multi-Ceramide Lavender & Coconut Essence – truly make daily skincare routine simpler than before. Lee makes an on-site demonstration of how to use the Goodnight Lavender Facial Cleansing Oil to remove the model's makeup and then apply the Multi-Ceramide Lavender & Coconut Essence to the model's face. Those who attend this sharing session all try the Multi-Ceramide Lavender & Coconut Sleeping Mask. They do feel the simple and clean texture of French lavender, making them comfortable from the inside out.

The Best Care for Your Skin
On a breezy afternoon on April 26th, the attendees visit the site to join this Skincare Talk. The sharing session serves the guests on-site with lemon tarts and chocolate tarts, paired with Chérie's Black Soybean Essence and Roselle Essence. It's a casual afternoon tea party where everyone enjoys a relaxing tea time and tastes beauty drinks at the same time.

Next, we welcome a surprise guest – Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of Yii Cultural Enterprise. Kung shares the principles of how to carefully choose Yii Choices' e-commerce beauty and cosmetics products. She hopes to introduce simpler, cleaner, and more exquisite brands to everyone on the Yii Choices platform. And Kung falls in love as soon as she tries out Snow Fox Skincare's products. Moreover, Kung certainly recognizes Song's beauty philosophy.

After Kung's brief share, Lee and Song start the main theme of the sharing session – talking about numerous problems and questions about “skin care.”

Song's talk starts from her rosacea, her psychological journey of founding the brand Snow Fox Skincare in Australia, and becoming famous overnight in Hong Kong, to best-selling in Japan's market. Now the brand has been the many Hollywood stars' favorite skincare brand. Rather than the pricing, a product with effective benefits, and simple and clean ingredients are the key to success.

Lee also asks Song some questions, like what are the daytime and nighttime skincare routines? Which ingredients can improve rosacea skin? How to make the skincare routine steps simpler? Song patiently answers these questions one by one.

After Lee and Song's talk, Lee starts to give the model a dewy makeup look. It's already hot summer here. Such clean, fresh, and naturally fit makeup is just the right choice for summer days.

After applying makeup, the removal part is definitely a must-have step of the skincare routine. Lee says she spent time and took three steps for makeup removal and face washing in the past. But now, the Goodnight Lavender Facial Cleansing Oil gives her a great favor, removing makeup and washing her face for just one time. And the Multi-Ceramide Lavender & Coconut Essence has a two-layer hybrid hydration and tonic base. The third and final step is to apply the Multi-Ceramide Lavender & Coconut Sleeping Mask, which makes sure the serum fully absorbs and keeps the skin moisturized overnight.

After the tea party, those who are interested in beauty and cosmetics stay on-site and continue to talk to Song and Lee about the beauty and skincare problems. Meanwhile, they try out some more Snow Fox Skincare products. This Skincare Talk perfectly ends with a warm and delightful atmosphere.

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