Gentle Companionship in the Face of the Unknowns of Childbirth
For birth companions like Anand Shakti, the greatest enemy of childbirth is the “unknown.” The unknown forces mothers to face everything without being able to choose, and the existence of birth companions allows them to meet their newborn's arrival with ease during childbirth.

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Have you heard of a Doula birth companion? Taiwan may still be unfamiliar with Doula birth companions, but a complete training system exists abroad. Anand Shakti, the founder of Elephant Studio, helps expectant mothers and their families through pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing based on her own experience.

“Love, happiness, and sharing” is the philosophy behind Shakti’s founding of the Elephant Studio. Initially, she wanted to help expectant mothers as afraid of childbirth as she was. Gradually, a complete system was born, incorporating prenatal lectures, singing bowls for pregnant women, mental and physical support, and pelvic exercises during pregnancy, allowing expectant mothers to find comprehensive support.

Because She Experienced Pain, She Understands it Well
Anand Shakti’s first childbirth experience was not pleasant. In the busy delivery room, doctors and nurses did not have the spare capacity to guide expectant mothers slowly, and rarely did they explain the reasons behind the medical treatments. This made her begin to wonder, “Is childbirth always such a chaotic process?”

For her second child, she decided to make a change. She actively sought out doctors willing to discuss the topic of childbirth. Of course, she encountered many obstacles when trying to break free from the standardized SOP that prevented many discussions of this sort.

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But Shakti did not give up. In the end, she gave birth to her second child in a calm state of mind and body, with the support of a midwife. This process inspired her to found Elephant Studio.
The Super Mission of a Birth Companion
Shakti explained that a midwife is a healthcare professional who has passed a national examination and has the qualification to deliver babies. On the other hand, a birth companion must undergo Doula birth training and provide childbirth consultation and mental support without medical treatment.
Even though the Elephant Studio is based in Hsinchu, they’ve managed to extend their helping hand and services across Taiwan because these birth companions understand the process of childbirth very well, what actions should be taken, and can accompany expectant mothers across counties and cities and be called out at any time.

It's Not Just the Pregnant Women Who Are Nervous
Depending on the case, the family members accompanying the pregnant woman through the entire pregnancy may be the husband or mother-in-law of the pregnant woman. These family members may also be affected by nervousness and anxiety, which could affect the progress of the pregnancy. Therefore, the timely knowledge and emotional support provided by the childbirth companion during the pregnancy helps the accompanying family members of the pregnant woman to get through this period with ease.

Transformation of the Body, Mind, and Spirit
In addition to providing knowledge about pregnancy, the Elephant Studio team also offers physical, emotional, and spiritual healing courses. These courses are based on the life experiences of Shakti, who found solace in various forms of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, such as singing bowls and Kundalini yoga, which helped her find stability in life.

Shakti also shares these insights with pregnant women, families, and even everyone she meets, hoping that the healing power of the body, mind, and spirit can help more people.

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