Walking into the Pachamama Market in the Forests
“Pachamama: Rebirth Celebration”, which was just held during the long weekend of the Ching Ming Festival, invited all body-mind-spirit mentors to join in this grand event, and Yii Culture also participated in this rarely grand celebration together with the collaborators, Ananda Healing House director Catherine and Amar Eye Yoga mentor Marx.


TextWenchien Wu

Wen Sun Farm with the campfire and lights was filled with a healing atmosphere, brought by singing bowls, conch shells, crystals, gongs, astrology, and shamanic drums. Both beginners who just learn healing therapy and mentors with a deep understanding of this were able to gain new energy at this place, while being receptive softly to others.

This time, Yii Culture selected 4 products set in the booth, all with the concept of “complete vegetarian, non-alcohol, and body-mind-spirit purification”, including vegan plant-based milk made with pure oats from Australian, natural seasonings made by veggies and fruits replacing monosodium glutamate, grape juice with the same brew level of French wine, healthy black soybean water through expression extraction, and roselle essence for skincare. Add Yii’s official Line now and get free shipping service to your home from e-commerce Yii Choices!

Return to the Gentle Embrace of Pachamana
Walking into Wen Sun Farm, what came to view was the huge title Pachamama, which has its own origin. In the shamanic culture, spring denotes the time to wake the earth mother, and “Shaman” means to have good knowledge and to know, and “Pacha” means the spectacular, also denoting the earth, world and universe. The event named after Pachamama presents the wishes to purify the past in spring and return to the interconnection of ecology, culture, and spirit.

People, the Warmest Strength in the Market
Modern people get used to placing orders on the Internet, and the goods will be automatically delivered to their homes within a few days. It is very convenient and very direct. However, the contact in the market was under completely different temperature levels.

At this place, you would feel refreshed with all the experiences. With the effects of phytoncides in the forests, listen to the vibration of the gong, beat the shamanic drum on the spot, and hear the feedback frequency with your own ears. Or get into the small eye yoga tent, follow the small activities for training your eye muscle to let the eyes relax, and relieve the fatigue of using electronic products for a long time. The classical astrology books setting alongside, patiently explained by teacher Cecily, were also popular with passers-by.

When coming to Yii's booth, the main plant-based selections are important supplements for people who experience body, mind and soul. Adhering to a gentle attitude towards the earth and life, we have prepared vegan oat milk, colorful natural seasonings extracted from veggies and fruits, and grape juice brewed in the original region of France, including both red and white grape juices for you to choose.

Chérie, a long-term collaborator of Yii, extracts black soybean essence and roselle essence in a high-level method, making those products dozens of times purer than on-shelf goods. These two products Black Soybean Essence and Roselle Essence are Chérie’s pride, providing lots of nutrition for vegetarians to take good care of the body, mind and spirit.

After having face-to-face contact in the market for 3 days, did you have a better understanding of the concept of Yii? For the friends who missed it, don’t be disappointed. All of Yii's selections are sold on the Yii Choices e-commerce platform. Join the official Line community now! More information about culture, art, makeup, plant-based food, and body, mind and soul will also be continuously updated. Let’s meet again next time.


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