Protect Your Eyes While Having Fun
Many parents are worried about balancing parenting and eye care in the era of constant use of the computer, communication, and consumer electronic (3C) products. Fret Not! Yii Culture is launching the new "Children's Eye Healing Course" to bring children a different experience.

PhotoBecky Tu

TextWenchien Wu

The Eye Healing Program is an exclusive collaboration between Marx Lin, an eye yoga instructor, and Catherine, a sound therapist from Gong Cosmos, invited by Yii Culture to experience both types of healing in one session. In addition to the adult classes, we will set up a special class for children to experience the charm of eye yoga and gong bath.

In the two-hour class, children will follow Ms. Marx to move their hands and feet, train their eye muscles, and relax while playing. The course will then follow Ms. Catherine to immerse themselves in the music and enter the world of gong baths.

Through A Balance of Movement and Stillness, The Body and Mind Heals
At the beginning of the course, Ms. Marx will first use an eye-ball replica model to explain the eye structure: eyeball, eyelid, tear duct, eye socket, and eye muscle. The vividness and liveliness attracted everyone's attention, encouraging them to listen carefully.

Now, Stand Up and Move Around to Warm Up. The Eye Training Class Will Begin!

Watch as Ms. Marx uses various props, including balloons, eye masks, drawing paper, and coloring pens, to navigate the children away from the stress on their eyes. You can also learn how to relax your eyes and better control their use, including unilateral eye-tracking exercises.

After the kinetic activities, Ms. Marx took the children to use "palm compresses" to warm their eyes and relieve their stress. Then came the most delicate part of the session: a bottle of liquidized rose salt was used to remove dirt from the eyes and make them brighter.

After a five-minute break, Catherine took over the class.
After leading the children to sit comfortably, she taught a refreshing breathing technique that helps activate the parasympathetic nerves and calm the emotions, which Catherine said will cool the body if practiced more often during the summer heat.

After lying down and putting on Ms. Marx’s homemade eye mask, the fragrance of herbs accompanied by Ms. Catherine's soothing and calm gonging, a child even brought out her favorite bunny doll to enter the gong bath.

The world everyone enters under the baptism of the gong bath is unique. Some people went to outer space, some people had a good sleep, some people had a close inspection of their inner turmoil, some people found the body’s call for help, and what did the children experience? The answer is waiting for you to find out for yourself.

Registration link for the March Eye and Mind course


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