Embracing Forests, Nature's Healing Energy
Moving from the city to the forest may be the key to self-healing, and this is not just the subjective feeling that forests relax people. In the book "The Healing Power of Forests", a scientific approach is presented to support the idea of self healing with forests.

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As a beginner to forest healing, one can find similar healing properties just by going to a nearby park. However, if you want to experience the feeling of being surrounded by lush trees on a deeper level, the book recommends eight places in Taiwan: Alishan, Baxian Mountain, Taiping Mountain, Aowanda, Fuyuan, Shuangliu, Jhihben, and Dongyan Mountain, as places for forest healing.

From breathing techniques to things to pay attention to when walking in the mountains this book introduces the methods of embracing the forest in an in-depth manner.

A Scientific Approach to Forest Healing
To understand the effects the forest environment has on heart rate and blood pressure, Professor Yoshifumi Miyazaki’s research team recruited a group of subjects to conduct a trial. All subjects were exposed to both forest and urban environments and were then analyzed, their heart rate and blood pressure were compared to showcase the differences between the forest and urban environments.

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The study found that the heart rate and blood pressure in the forest environment were significantly lower than in the urban environment, clearly showing that people are more relaxed in the forest. This way of presenting the difference in health between the two environments is clear scientific proof, not just a subjective description that people are more comfortable and relaxed in the forest.
Forests Regulate Autonomic Functions
If people live in a stressful city for prolonged periods of time, the sympathetic nerves are continuously stimulated and become more active, while the parasympathetic nerves are over inhibited, just like the throttle of a sports car paired with the brakes of a bicycle, the two cannot regulate each other, and over time the body will experience various symptoms, that is, autonomic dysfunction.
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In 2010, an experiment was conducted in 24 different forest environments in Japan. Through a large amount of research and data analysis, the results proved that compared to urban environments, forest environments can significantly enhance parasympathetic function and suppress sympathetic activity, allowing the human body to feel relaxed on a physiological level, which also provides strong support for the claim that forest environments provide health benefits.

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The Healing Power of Forests
Author:Simon Yu
Publishing house:Linking Publishing
Publishing Date:July, 2022

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