Lena's Beauty Recipe: A Less-Is-More Skincare Routine
Today our makeup artist Lena Lee is going to share her views about skincare. Also, she will guide you guys on how to build a skincare routine and get healthy skin.

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Along the way in looking for skincare products, Lee finds three beauty products: Snow Fox Skincare's Cucumber Recovery Serum, Ceramide and EGF Treatment Orb, and Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner Treatment Bar. Lee calls these products her exclusive beauty treasures. Let's take a look!

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, WFH and remote work conferences are new trends sweeping the world. So people would find how they look in front of a camera lens more frequently than before. And they will have more time to check their skin conditions, therefore. Perhaps it's the factor that makes more and more people focus on skincare.

Perhaps the situation is before you turn 20 and your skin condition is not so bad. Even if there are some skin problems, people wouldn't find the problems after you apply the makeup. However, once you get older, along with different changes in your body, the makeup might create the opposite effect sometimes.

Natural and Safe Skincare Products
You have to keep trying every kind of beauty product until finding the ones and ways suitable for you. It's more important to build a correct daily skincare routine, not the makeup. Your makeup will fit naturally once you have healthy skin.
The critical part of a skincare routine is to keep your skin hydrated no matter what kind of skin you are. I don't use any skin-whitening products in my skincare routine. I believe that keeps my skin hydrated and my skin will glow naturally. Recently, I gave a trial of a series of Snow Fox Skincare products. Here are three products I've selected to share with you guys.
Cucumber Recovery Serum
This serum's texture is so refreshing. This product has a watery consistency. I like its natural scents, not rich ones from artificial essence. And it's a friendly product for sensitive skin too. First of all, the ingredient of a cucumber can keep the skin well hydrated.

As people understand having our skin stay hydrated is necessary all year round. And especially, when the weather changes drastically, it will cause our skin to get dry and itchy readily. So we can use the cucumber ingredient to soothe our skin.

Ceramide and EGF Treatment Orb
It is one of Snow Fox Skincare's unique products. The Brand mixes the ingredients - ceramide and epidermal growth factor (EGF) - into a concentrated orb. You can use the treatment orb with the Cucumber Recovery Serum.


You need to get your skin intensive-hydrated by using this beauty orb for one week before attending important events. That will make your makeup fitter and get your skin to glower on the date of the event.


Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner Treatment Bar
This two-in-one shampoo bar is one of my favorite products. The ingredients have the extract of Australian Snowflower and Moroccan Argan oil. Although it's a shampoo bar, it can be foamed easily with water. And it made my hair fantastically hydrating after washing. It's a hair product with shampoo and treatment effects.


In short, famed or high-priced skincare products and good skincare effects are not the same things. Finding the products suitable for your skin will be a perfect and precise investment.

Lena Lee
Lena Lee is an honorary graduate from Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver, Canada. The school is ranked among the top beautician institutions in the world. She is a freelance professional make up artist residing in Taipei, Taiwan.

Lena has worked with many publications, designers, and runway shows. Her clients are big brands, media producers, designers, and independent photographers.

Her style is consider to be simple and elegant. Using this approach, she is able to captivate the subject's true beauty and convey the underlying message. Classical musicians and elegant movie starlets of old Hollywood are strong influences that are shown in Lena's work.

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