Brunch Date with Lena on How to Create A Butterfly-Like Makeup Style
Halloween parties are right around this weekend! Need to make up your mind on what makeup to wear? Makeup artist Lena prepared a fantastic idea for you. Let colorful butterfly wings become the protagonist during your Halloween makeup journey!

PhotoLena Lee

TextLena Lee Makeup Artist

The contour lines and color patterns on animals and insects are excellent sources of creativity. Since my upbringing in the countryside, butterflies have had a special place in my heart, which is the first source of inspiration for this makeup tutorial. My second spark of inspiration was when I sampled beauty products and discovered how they could recreate color patterns similar to butterfly wings. These discoveries led me to create this butterfly makeup style.

Lifelike Butterfly Wings on Your Cheeks
In order to show the outlines of the butterfly wings, I used paper tape and proceeded to Do It Yourself (DIY) with the template-like sticker as the outline of the wings. I then used less adhesive paper tape to lay out the pattern of the outer edge of the butterfly wing, meanwhile making sure to cut out the leftover tape. The next step is to stick the outer contour of the “wings” on your face and ensure no spillage when applying the paint.

Once you are done with the tape foundations, you can start to apply makeup. Note that if you have thick eyebrows, you can lighten your eyebrows when laying the foundation or use a spiral handle makeup brush with concealer to achieve similar results.

The next step is to use a small beauty egg to dip in the cold cream. You can choose the color you want to blend to show the lines that match those of butterfly wings. I recommended putting darker shades closer to the edge and using lighter colors as you move away from the edge.

The butterfly patterns can be easily made using art paper. We first put the cold cream in the middle of the smooth waterproof surface of the art paper. Then fold the paper in half and push the pigments out of the fold. Now open the art paper, and you will see exotic lines.

Press it lightly on the face like you would a stamp. You will then see how the makeup brings butterfly’s wing-like lines to your face. Finishing up, we will remove the contour sticker, match the moisturizing lip color, and use a cotton swab to clean the stains on the edges. 


Lena Lee
Lena Lee is an honorary graduate from Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver, Canada. The school is ranked among the top beautician institutions in the world. She is a freelance professional make up artist residing in Taipei, Taiwan.

Lena has worked with many publications, designers, and runway shows. Her clients are big brands, media producers, designers, and independent photographers.

Her style is consider to be simple and elegant. Using this approach, she is able to captivate the subject's true beauty and convey the underlying message. Classical musicians and elegant movie starlets of old Hollywood are strong influences that are shown in Lena's work.

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