Brunch Date with Lena: Applying Tear Makeup for the Coming Halloween
Halloween is around the corner. Come join us and follow the makeup artist Lena Lee and learn how to apply tear makeup. The time spent on learning makeup is just the same as the one spent on brunch. You'll be the stunning star on a social occasion after trying this!

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When studying abroad years ago, I remembered people making their best efforts on dressing up for Halloween. It's a great festival for everyone, especially makeup lovers, to fully bring their talent into play.

I'm wondering if you guys are ready for the theme this year. It's okay if you don't have any idea yet. This article will give you guys some inspiration. Your Halloween makeup look will make others impress if adding a few different elements.

Making Yourself Look Different with Fake Tears
I believe that you guys know who Zendaya is, an American actress who just won the Outstanding Lead Actress at the 72nd Emmy Awards. Vogue Italia had invited her to be the cover star of the July issue this year. For the coming Halloween, let's recreate Zendaya's cover makeup look at the cover of Vogue Italia!

As long as applying fake tears to your face, the entire makeup look will be amazing. The presentation of tears could also change per the character you want to play. I'll teach you guys some tips about applying tear makeup. And the tear makeup could be a three-dimensional look or a flowing look.
DIY Three-dimensional Fake Tears
A hot glue gun, a heat-resistant smooth plastic board, clear lip gloss, nail polish, and sequins are the tools that you need to prepare for the making of fake tears.

Tips for the making of fake tears:

1. When you squeeze the trigger to release the melted glue, make the nozzle of the glue gun downwards the plastic board as close as possible.
2. After applying the glue smoothly in lines, remove the adhesive residue at the nozzle of the glue gun at the final move.
While you apply colored sequins, remember to apply them before the hot glue gets dried.
4. If you need to apply nail polish, remember to apply it after the hot glue gets dried. Darker or lighter color shades are depending on the hue you want to present. Next, you can apply the clear top coat on the fake tears to make them look like real ones.
5. You need to make sure the hot glue is completely dried before you take it down from the plastic board.
6. The Last step is to apply the eyelash glue to the fake tears and apply them to the desired place on your face.

Additional Showtimes: Flowing Fake Tears
For applying the flowing fake tear makeup, what you need to do is blend two objects well. One is the colored sequins that you want to apply. The other is the clear lip gloss. Next, you apply the mixture as per the flowing way you want it looks. Just remember that you need to apply a bit more and the fake tear makeup will look vivid.

Lena's Reminders
When you use the hot glue gun for the making of the fake tears, you'll not be satisfied with the tear's shape in the beginning. But, as long as you pay attention to the aforementioned tips, the more practice you do, the prettier fake tears will be.

Lena Lee
Lena Lee is an honorary graduate from Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver, Canada. The school is ranked among the top beautician institutions in the world. She is a freelance professional make up artist residing in Taipei, Taiwan.

Lena has worked with many publications, designers, and runway shows. Her clients are big brands, media producers, designers, and independent photographers.

Her style is consider to be simple and elegant. Using this approach, she is able to captivate the subject's true beauty and convey the underlying message. Classical musicians and elegant movie starlets of old Hollywood are strong influences that are shown in Lena's work.

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