Healing Picture Books for Grown-ups
When you feel agitated, apart from chatting with others, appreciating artwork is also a good way. Gentle painting works drawn by Kate Allan, a Washington illustrator, can relieve your body and soul.



The sets of two books, You Can Do All Things and You’re Strong, Smart, and You Got This, which ranked No. 1 in Amazon's best new releases, are psychological picture books for grown-ups. The author, Kate Allen, cheers up all emotionally suffering people with her experiences of fighting depression and anxiety.

More than 130+110 cute illustrations in the sets of two books are paired with warming words. While browsing through them, maybe you can find the keywords right for your heart and warm your injured heart up.

All Your Pain Being Understood by Her
Over 400 thousand people follow Kate Allan's fan page, The Latest Kate. and her books have been ranked No.1 on Amazon.com in the New Releases category. Her work could be seen in media such as The Huffington Post, The Mighty, Wear Your Voice Mag, Sparklife, soothing so many readers’ hearts.

Many readers think more positively after reading her picture books, sleeping soundly with the picture books in their arms. Teenagers forget their anxiety while reading picture books. For some mothers, courage and strength were gained when reading picture books with their children.

Always Happy Life When it Being Seen from a Distance
Nowadays, people must face many difficulties and anxiety from nowhere every day, feeling that they can do better, and suffering from depression when something goes wrong. They don’t know what to do when facing pressure, and sometimes even feel desperate and suffer terrible nausea. In response to these conditions, colorful illustrations of lovely animals, flowers, rainbows, together with a warm sentence in the book let you break free from the dilemma and look further.

Based on her own experience, Kate Allen encourages readers by "writing to yourself in the past ". In the dark, we only need a little light, and we can take a little bit more steps and come to a whole new world.

May these two healing books be your friend in every depressing moment.