A Paradise-like Journey for the Equilibrium of Body and Mind
Nestled in the plain area of the Huadong Valley in Hualien, the CHU Resort will begin a trial run this October. This new hotel is ready to offer a utopia-like retreat for the tourists to enjoy a journey of body and mind equilibrium. It'll be a unique trip for travelers who can explore inside their minds, release stress, and get calm again.

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It's been nearly three years since we suffered the Covid-19 Pandemic which ran rampant worldwide and entirely changed travel styles as well. A relaxing itinerary escaping from the city's noises attracts travelers' attention currently. A deeper experience of the local culture and a brand new experience for making one's mind and body feel calm and relaxed are the emerging travel trends in this post-Covid-19 era.

CHU Resort is the first ever hotel brand that offers travelers a vacation-cum-meditation accommodation service in Taiwan. This unique resort operates with the main business philosophy, Balance Your Flow. It's an innovative hotel that guides travelers to explore their inner selves in the following ways: having a crossover with the Somatic industries and blending the travel accommodation with yoga, meditation, medicinal herbs and agricultural science, Himalaya singing bowls, and art therapy.

A New Vacation Trend in the Post-Covid-19 Era
The CHU Resort is located in the Fenglin Township of Hualien, neighboring Provincial Highway No. 9 and the Linrong Shin Kong Station, a new railway station opening in 2018. It's about 2 hours and 45 minutes away by the Tze-Chiang Limited Express departure at the Taipei Main Station.
The CHU Resort is blessed with natural environmental conditions, including mountain valleys, grasslands, mountain trails, and hot springs. While travelers enjoy a relaxing vacation, they could take part in the retreat itineraries like walking meditation, morning yoga, and experiential workshop. They could enjoy a pure somatic retreat to balance their bodies and minds while spending holidays at the CHU Resort.

A One-stop Journey for One's body and Mind Equilibrium
The CHU Resort launches 28 guest rooms under the theme of FLOW Retreat for the first promotion on the trial operation. This promotion offers travelers a one-stop journey for two days and one night or three days and two nights. The one-stop itinerary includes a complete experience of meditation, yoga, naturopathy, and mindfulness. With the ingredients supplied by the local farmers, a vegetarian meal will impress you. Two more offers are available for travelers. One is to pay extra to experience the Ayureveda spa, the other is to enjoy the natural sodium bicarbonate spring. They could overcome anxiety and get rid of disequilibrium to feel calm and peaceful in their bodies, minds, and spirits through holistic activities.

The hotel invites Lydia Chang, the founder of Origin Yoga & Wellness, to serve as the chief operating officer of the FLOW Retreat project. Chang has deep ties with yoga as she learned mindfulness with her father when she was ten. In 2014, she had been to India to learn and get certified by the Yoga Alliance Teacher Training of Hatha yoga and Ayurveda. After returning to Taiwan, she founded Origin Yoga & Wellness to help modern people find their inner peace back.

A Journey to Release Kids' Energy in the Forest
The Wildland, one of the accommodation areas of the CHU Resort, is a natural forest area. It's also the place that devises an outdoor playground named the Wild Grassland. The hotel offers 52 rooms with five different types available. The first type is the Mist room, which is decorated with high ceilings and a bathtub. The second one is the Vally room which offers a loft-style interior design and a bathtub. The Mountain room is the third option, which belongs to a quadruple room with elevated ceilings. Next is the River room, which is a quadruple room with a loft design. The last one is the Sunrise VIP room. These five distinguished types of rooms fulfill multiple requirements from a diverse range of travelers.

CHU Resort
Address:Hualien county, Fenglin Township, Yongfeng Road 6


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