A Harmonious Intimate Relationship
The intimate relationship is a critical part of a love relationship no matter what stage the couples are going through. And a relationship without harmonious intimacy will create tension between the couple. Let's welcome the obstetrician Dr. Connie Hung and she'll share with us how to overcome the syndrome of “Intimacy Issues.”


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Health Leader
Connie Hung

Graduated from School of Medicine, China Medical University

Attending Doctor of Department of Gynecology, Central Clinic & Hospital
Attending Doctor of Department of Gynecology, “Taipei Sex Medicine Center,” Central Clinic & Hospital
HYGEIAGRAND Health Clinic Superintendent
Nice Clinique Aesthetics Genital Doctor

Specialty Doctor of Department of Gynecology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic Training Doctor
Member of T.U.G.A (Taiwan Urogynecology Association)
Member of F.U.G.A (Formosa Urogynecology Association)
U.S. O-Shot+ Patented Injection Certified Doctor
European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology (E.S.A.G) senior member and certified doctor
Lecturer assigned by FemiLift

Cosmetic gynecology surgery
Urinary incontinence

Dr. Connie's Advice
Yii: Regarding the patients with Intimacy Issues, we'd like to know the gathered statistics for married couples and unmarried ones.
Dr. Connie: Many people call the situation of Intimacy “Issues vaginismus.” Basically, 80% of the patients are virgins who don't have any sexual relations before. They cannot make the intimate relationship go smoothly due to fear and being afraid of painful feelings. Psychology and physiology are interrelated and affect each other. While a woman's body generates the defensive reaction mechanism, her vaginal muscles tighten up automatically.

Yii: What's the most frequent problem for single women?
Dr. Connie: Dyspareunia is the most frequent problem that female patients in my outpatient clinic. Having no sexual behaviors before, one's defensive reaction mechanism, plus the small opening of the hymen of Asian women, are the situations that cause female pain and suffer vaginal tears when women have their first sexual behavior. A woman's hymen would be changed from a ring-like opening to a flower-like one while having sex for the first time. At this stage, women feel too painful and refuse sexual behavior. I recommend those who have such a problem see the doctor know more.

Yii: What's the most frequent problem for married women?
Dr. Connie: Married women might have dyspareunia problems after childbirth. The entrance to the vagina is the main cause of pain.
A woman's vagina is a tubular structure. A woman's vagina might be looser than its normal form after a baby is born. That's because the elastic muscles of the vagina were stretched and injured in labor. However, the perineoplasty after delivery is just a surgery that tightens the entrance of the perineum. This surgery doesn't make the lumen of the perineum tighter but makes the entrance of the vagina too smaller to insert. So, a woman will feel pain in intimate behavior, which might even cause a vaginal laceration after having sex.

Yii: After the couple's intimate behavior become harmonious, are there any changes to their emotional life?

Dr. Connie: The feedback from many patients is "my husband becomes gentler." In essence, sexual life is critical in a relationship. Like a well-known saying, lovers' quarrels are soon mended. The old saying comes true in many patients.

Yii: What can the male do to help?
Dr. Connie: What the male needs to do the most is to accompany their partners. The happen of vaginismus usually gives huge psychological stress to the female. But, it makes the male stressed as well. At this moment, there is a need to have some psychological and physiological training. So it's important for the male to accompany their partners.

Yii: Could you share the most impressive case with us?
Dr. Connie: Actually, the case impressing me the most is the result where a couple's sexual behavior turns harmonious, and then the female gets pregnant, and the baby is born smoothly. I've dealt with so many cases like this. Success will come to you only if not giving up.

Yii: Please give some advice to our readers.

Dr. Connie: Here is my advice. People need to take the intimacy issue seriously, go see the right doctor, don't lose their confidence, and find their happiness again. 

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