A Certain Healing Journey for the Sweltering Summer
While experiencing an eye yoga course by the sea, you could gently close your eyes, feel warm but not blazing sunlight casting into your eyes, feel the cool breeze blowing through your hair, and then take a deep breath.

PhotoYung Sung

TextBecky Tu

Mentor Bio
Marx Lin

An Amar Eye Yoga authorized and certified eyes yoga teacher

◆ In 2018, he went to Bangalore, India to receive training from Dr. Amarjith, an authoritative natural eye therapy yoga doctor, to heal the body and eyes. At the same time, he also received teaching training of eye yoga from Hatha Yoga and Amar Eyes Yoga.

◆ After obtaining a qualified international certificate, Lin went to Bangkok, Thailand to intern in a natural eye therapy clinic.

◆ When arriving in India, Lin’s eyeglass prescription is negative 0.5 and his astigmatism is 2.25. After learning and practicing eye yoga for 40 days, with a good daily schedule and rest, good diet, and habits of reading, when Lin got the teacher’s certificate, his myopic diopters were mitigated and his eyeglass prescription became 0.1. His astigmatism also turned better to be 1.2.

“One thing that Good Yoga taught me is to be more aware of the body so as to maintain a stable mind, listen to problems, and achieve ultimate natural stability.

When we understand ourselves, we can control our bodies. At this time, sources of physiological healthiness and happiness will continue to live with us, as if we are connected to an inexhaustible frequency of cosmic energy.

The healthiness brought about by practicing eye yoga is only one of the benefits. The true benefit lies in living happily.”

A Five-sense Therapeutic Journey
Urbanites who seek a sense of healing can use music, smell, or imagination to imagine that they're escaping from the city's shackles. The world-shaking Covid-19 pandemic in these two years makes people desire a “nature-healing journey.” People can truly immerse in the natural fields to release their five senses instead of relying on imagination.

So, today we'll visit Penghu with Marx, the guide of eye yoga. Let's start a healing course of eye yoga accompanied by a beautiful seaside landscape.

Attending an Eye Yoga Course
This time, we'll stay at the Laguna Villas & Resorts. Surrounded by a magnificent sea view, a beautiful beach and sunset, and a quiet river bank., it's a top-level private lodging in Penghu. This beautiful place makes Marx, the guide of the eye yoga course who is the first time visiting the outlying island for the course, so impressive. He highly praises this gorgeous hotel as it's quite a beautiful place to hold a yoga course.

Marx guides everyone to relax their muscles and bones and stretch their necks, shoulders, hands, and feet. Sitting in the lotus pose to experience a yoga course over here has a totally different atmosphere than the indoor one. Starting from warming up, every student gets relaxed very soon and follows Marx's guides naturally.

The next step is to start the tests of eye yoga, such as checking the dominant eye, any parallax problem, or abnormally high intraocular pressure. After going through these steps, it's time to practice eye yoga. While closing your eyes and meditating, you can feel being surrounded by nature between the breath.


After getting the practice of eye muscles done, the next is to experience the eye-cleaning step. Marx shares the steps of DIY the eye-cleaning liquid too. Add 1.5 gram finely ground Himalayan pink salt into a cup of 500cc distilled water, mineral water, or drinkable cooled boiled water and mix them well.

You can try to wash just one of your eyes first to feel comfortable or not. If you feel the eye-cleaning liquid is too salty or bitter, you could adjust the proportion properly. If there's some left eye-cleaning liquid, you could keep it in a stainless steel kettle and place the kettle in the refrigerator. While going on a tour, you could carry the eye-cleaning liquid and eye-cleaning cup with you. Then, you could maintain your eyes timely and make them stay healthy.

Last, Marx asks the students to turn around and face the sunset and then close their eyes. Next, he tells the students to raise their palms to do the 20-second palming exercise, repeat it three times, and slowly make a massage.


After finishing a complete course of eye yoga, you'll appreciate the most beautiful sunset moment. What a wonderful experience for the physical and mind!

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