Purifying moment of the Window of the Soul
Every time in the eye yoga process, there is always a part that the students are looking forward to — washing their eyes. After washing, the eyes feel comfortable. In fact, such a relaxing ritual can be implemented at home. Let’s walk in teacher Marx’s footsteps, and purify your eyes!

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TextMarx Lin

Mentor Bio
Marx Lin

An Amar Eye Yoga authorized and certified eyes yoga teacher

◆ In 2018, he went to Bangalore, India to receive training from Dr. Amarjith, an authoritative natural eye therapy yoga doctor, to heal the body and eyes. At the same time, he also received teaching training of eye yoga from Hatha Yoga and Amar Eyes Yoga.

◆ After obtaining a qualified international certificate, Lin went to Bangkok, Thailand to intern in a natural eye therapy clinic.

◆ When arriving in India, Lin’s eyeglass prescription is negative 0.5 and his astigmatism is 2.25. After learning and practicing eye yoga for 40 days, with a good daily schedule and rest, good diet, and habits of reading, when Lin got the teacher’s certificate, his myopic diopters were mitigated and his eyeglass prescription became 0.1. His astigmatism also turned better to be 1.2.

“One thing that Good Yoga taught me is to be more aware of the body so as to maintain a stable mind, listen to problems, and achieve ultimate natural stability.

When we understand ourselves, we can control our bodies. At this time, sources of physiological healthiness and happiness will continue to live with us, as if we are connected to an inexhaustible frequency of cosmic energy.

The healthiness brought about by practicing eye yoga is only one of the benefits. The true benefit lies in living happily.”

Daily comforting ritual: purifying eyes
Reasons to purify our eyes
Marx said that long time ago, it had been recorded in the ancient Indian yoga and Ayurveda systems that all channels of the human body can be purified, and they also need to be purified. Apart from the nasopharynx, mouth, intestines and skin, the most important part, the eyes, are included, of course.
Just like brushing our teeth and taking a bath every day, through eye washing, all kinds of dust on the cornea can be cleaned, excessive metabolites can be removed with the pressure being relieved. Eyes can be moisturized, in addition, our fatigue can be released, and our brain can be awakened.
It is recommended to clean your eyes 2-3 per day, in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. During the period of the pandemic, clean them as soon as you get home from outside, so as to be fresh and comfortable!

Steps for cleaning eyes

1. Use a stainless steel kettle of 500cc capacity with a lid. You can use distilled water, mineral water, or drinkable boiled water to wash your eyes, and add a tablespoon of fine granular Himalayan pink salt, which is equal to 1.5g.

2. After mixing the prepared solution well, fill the eyes washing cup (you can use PP, silicone, glass, etc.) with the solution and make it close to the eye socket, blink your eyes in the solution for cleaning. The frequency shall be in accordance with your comfort. 

For starters, try washing one eye to know how you feel. If the solution is too salty or bitter, adjust the concentration of the solution according you need.
4. The solution can be stored in the refrigerator at ordinary times. If you cannot measure accurate proportion, you can use preservative-free bullet disposable saline solution instead.

Notes of purifying eyes
Eye washing is the Ayurveda daily care and purification. You can do it 3 times a day. You can wash your eyes if you have red eyes due to staying up late or dry eyes.
If your eyes feel too dry after washing, you can try to use rose salt of better quality, adjust the proportion, or wash only when necessary. The frequency can be adjusted according to your own feelings.

Efficacy of eye wash care
Marx said that many people’s problems, such as dry eyes and red eyes are eased after implementing eye washing care.
Those who continue to practice eye Yoga also say that washing the eyes improves the visual resolution, brightness, and widens their view. The pressure of the brain can also be released, making people as fresh, bright, and rejuvenated as after a cold shower.

In your free time, why not follow Marx's teaching to prepare your own eye wash solution. Follow four simple steps, and let's have a comforting ritual for the window of the soul!

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