Secret Talks for Girls in Loud Voice: A Must-know Intimate Mask
You often use facial masks and you have tried lip masks, but have you tried masks for your private part? In fact, the private part, like the facial skin, needs dedicate care according to different conditions. Choose safe and effective products so that you girls can enjoy intimate SPA time at home.


TextBecky Tu

Have you noticed recently that intimate feminine care is gaining popularity? Since the feminine private part is more absorbing than the facial skin, the selection of care substances requires more consideration. Therefore, natural and organic plant substances are unquestionable the most ideal choices.

Founded and developed by professional Dr. Connie Hung in aesthetics medicine of gynecology, and jointly recommended by Dr. Lin Ying Su in obstetrics and gynecology and Dr. Ke Jia Sun in private aesthetics medicine, V’COR is a new private care brand integrated with medicinal expertise and biotech teamwork. This series of care products undergo sophisticated testing and evaluation in terms of substances and applications. Girls are expected to enjoy the best SPA care for the private part at home. So girls, love yourselves more starting today.

The Safe Vulva Mask Used by Doctors in Person
Guaranteed by the doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, V’COR vulva masks are developed by the doctors of obstetrics and gynecology in person and through the collaboration of GMP biomedical technology, with substances from the external (membrane) to internal (serum) content produced in Taiwan. The substances are certified by ECOCERT and SGS with the highest standards as the safest substances for pampering the private part of female. Meanwhile, the products select rare plant extracts as the substance with hypoallergenic and positive effects. The patented triple polysaccharide membrane is made of serum that comes with an excellent repairing effect. Its self-repairing and moisturizing effect does not dry out the moisture of the skin. The vulva mask will become a plastic-wrap-like chitin film from a resilient jelly mask, after releasing all essence. The effect of use is apparent while the private part will not experience discomfort after getting dried out.

A Different "Mask"
Currently, the majority of feminine private part masks available are produced in small production by factories and supplied to SPA centers for use. The substances and prices vary and some feminine private part masks contain high-level sensitization, which makes the masks unsuitable for application in the private part for a long period of time.
What is different about the membrane used in V'COR, compared with the fabric mask or bio-cellulose mask used in other products? The following comparison chart shows the distinction.

V'COR is launching two new products: V Charm Vulva Mask and V Care Vulva Mask, which are not only used for daily care but can serve as the right antidote for the conditions of the private part, enhancing the care effectiveness like applying a facial mask.
For hyperpigmentation or loose or saggy skin due to the friction of clothes, repeated inflammation, or aging, apply V Charm Vulva Mask is to help fight against aging and the loose and saggy skin caused by friction and add resilience to the skin. The cherry blossom and Olea Europaea leaf extract help lighten dull skin, presenting luster and translucence while restoring skin resilience.

As summer is coming, the demand for treatment on the appearance of the private part at the clinics for aesthetics medicine also rises. The private part comes with over 8,000 nerves and often experiences discomfort for a few days after the treatment of hot wax hair removal and laser aesthetics. This is the best time to use the V Care Vulva Mask. This mask contains royal jelly extract rich in Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5, which will repair the skin and replenish water with firmness. Moreover, the calendula extract and aloe vera growing in a tropical environment, can bring efficiently soothing and repairing effects for the private part skin having treated with laser and hair removal.


More About V'COR 
V'COR is the professional care brand for the private part skin among modern women of elegance. V'COR vulva mask has not been tested on animals and does not add the surface-active agent, sodium laurate, paraben as preservatives, ethanol, environmental hormones, or genetically modified substances.

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