Eye Yoga—The Healing Method You Have to Know
“Eye Yoga” is a healing method you should know. Marx Lin, an Amar Eye Yoga authorized and certified eyes yoga teacher, will show you how to improve your eyes by simple and consistent practices.

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Marx Lin

An Amar Eye Yoga authorized and certified eyes yoga teacher

◆ In 2018, he went to Bangalore, India to receive training from Dr. Amarjith, an authoritative natural eye therapy yoga doctor, to heal the body and eyes. At the same time, he also received teaching training of eye yoga from Hatha Yoga and Amar Eyes Yoga.

◆ After obtaining a qualified international certificate, Lin went to Bangkok, Thailand to intern in a natural eye therapy clinic.

◆ When arriving in India, Lin’s eyeglass prescription is negative 0.5 and his astigmatism is 2.25. After learning and practicing eye yoga for 40 days, with a good daily schedule and rest, good diet, and habits of reading, when Lin got the teacher’s certificate, his myopic diopters were mitigated and his eyeglass prescription became 0.1. His astigmatism also turned better to be 1.2.

“One thing that Good Yoga taught me is to be more aware of the body so as to maintain a stable mind, listen to problems, and achieve ultimate natural stability.

When we understand ourselves, we can control our bodies. At this time, sources of physiological healthiness and happiness will continue to live with us, as if we are connected to an inexhaustible frequency of cosmic energy.

The healthiness brought about by practicing eye yoga is only one of the benefits. The true benefit lies in living happily.”

Have You Ever Heard About “Eye Yoga” ?
“Eye Yoga” is a healthy lifestyle that combines the Bates method, Indian yoga spirit, and natural therapy. It is a comprehensive life attitude. 

The life attitude of eye yoga that cares for the body is suitable for both men and women. As long as you practice with a natural, comfortable, and effortless consciousness, you don’t need to overly force yourself. But be aware that if you have undergone eye surgery for less than 3 months, or if you have severe inflammation, you have to suspend practices.

Today, you can use any item available in life so that you can practice easily. Take care of your eyes through the “Eye Yoga.” Continue the practice and you will note the changes taking place in your body.

Start to Protect Your Eyes

First of all, to prevent excessive eye use, you can try the following three basic eye protection steps.

1. Relax: Take regular breaks and look at distant objects. Keep in mind the 20-20-20 principle. Using your eyes for 20 minutes, looking at objects more than 20 feet (6 meters) away for 20 seconds. These steps can help your eye muscles relax.

2. Gentle hot compress: Close your eyes and compress for 3 minutes with a hot towel when you are tired. You can use a hot towel or rub your hands together to make it warm and place them gently on your eyes for 5-10 minutes.

3. Massage: Gently massage the eye bones to relax the eye muscles and promote blood circulation.

“Eye Yoga” Practices

First, warm up the joints of your body and stretch out. Do some training for the ocular muscle. Remember, apply Palming after completing each step for repair and relaxation, in order to effectively prevent eye fatigue, dryness, itchiness, soreness, and other discomforts.  

1. Eye movement—fixation up, down, left, and right 
Caution: Keep your head, neck, and spine straight, and only move your eyes to different directions: up, down, left, and right. Do not use excessive force. Use a rhythmic and slow way to move your eyes naturally and easily. Do not move your head or chin, only your eyeballs are moving when you practice this exercise!

Steps of  practice:
A. Preparatory posture for starting exercise: adopt a natural cross-legged sitting posture, keep the spine, neck, and head in a vertical position, look straight ahead, and breathe naturally.

B. Look up at the ceiling or sky for 10 seconds, and then look down at the ground for 10 seconds. This counts for one round. After repeating this action 10 to 20 times, close your eyes and rest for 20 seconds.
C. Then open your eyes, and slowly look to the left and then to the right. After practicing this 10 to 20 times, close your eyes and rest for 20 seconds.

2. Ocular muscle training 
Assisting tools: Computer monitor (desktop or laptop) 

A. First, turn off the computer monitor before exercises. 

B. Pull the computer monitor close towards you, keep your face 20~30cm from the computer monitor and keep the shoulder and neck loose. Do not stretch your neck to get close to the computer monitor with force, which could in contrast causes pressure on the shoulder and neck. 

C. Keep the head stationary and move the eyes only, track the edge line of the monitor slowly with your eyes, 10 exercises of each in clockwise and counterclockwise directions, which constitute one lap. Do 3 laps a day. After finishing 3 laps, close your eyes and rest for 20 seconds.

3. Palming exercises
Rub both hands until the palms are warm to promote energy circulation, and then lightly place the palms on your eyes. Close your eyes and let them rest and relax in the dark. Keep breathing naturally for a few minutes and enjoy the peace for a moment.

The healthiness brought by practicing eye yoga is only one of the benefits. The true benefit lies in living happily.

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