Maintain Summer Makeup with Ease
It is really difficult to maintain makeup when the temperature rises, not to mention the stuffed weather and wearing protective masks. Makeup artist Lena Lee would like to share with us the little secrets that will help us maintain summer makeup with ease.

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Lena Lee

Lena Lee is an honorary graduate from Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver, Canada. The school is ranked among the top beautician institutions in the world. She is a freelance professional make up artist residing in Taipei, Taiwan.

Lena has worked with many publications, designers, and runway shows. Her clients are big brands, media producers, designers, and independent photographers.

Her style is consider to be simple and elegant. Using this approach, she is able to captivate the subject's true beauty and convey the underlying message. Classical musicians and elegant movie starlets of old Hollywood are strong influences that are shown in Lena's work.

Translucence and Glow to Skin Tone
We may all wonder how celebrities maintain such good skin quality. 
Why don’t models grow acne? 
How do we apply the base makeup to have smooth skin with silkiness and glow? 

In recent years, more appeal is placed on the glow of base makeup, in Europe, the U.S., Korea, and Japan. Apart from concealer, the glow is now the main factor that buyers take into consideration when purchasing base makeup. 

The key to making up with the skin tone of celebrities is to use less amount of base makeup products. Use an appropriate amount of concealing base makeup for skin requiring retouch to add translucence and glow to the skin. 

There are many pre-makeup or post-makeup products in the market that will help build a healthy and translucent skin tone. These kinds of products are indispensable for the makeup artists for celebrities or the backstage of runways in Europe and the U.S.  

(Photo by Lena Lee)

We would like to give you a tip here. Apart from spraying products directly onto the face, use the spray to wet the beauty blender, then apply base makeup to present the makeup of baby-like smooth skin. 

Note that if you have oily skin, we recommend using products with a setting effect. Oily skin tends to produce natural lipids 30 minutes after makeup. You will have healthy and naturally glowing skin. Use products with a glow as appropriate. 

(Photo by Wade)

Apply base makeup with concealer according to the problem skin in order to show the best effect with translucent skin tone. 

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