What It Means to Be Human?
In the popular Japanese drama “Brush Up Life,” the protagonist is portrayed as a person who will be reborn as a giant anteater if they do not work hard to start their life anew. This raises the question of the meaning of being human and existing in this world.

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The Jut Arti Museum is holding an exhibition titled “Dasein - Born to Be Human,” which invites 11 artists to explore the meaning of being human through different art forms such as imagery, sculpture, painting, and installation art.

The exhibition runs from April 22nd to July 30th, with four sub-themes: “Body Politics and Imprisonment,” “Inner Dialogue,” “Construction of Group Identity,” and “Non-Existent Existence.” This is a profound question of what it means to be human, and it must be experienced in person in the quiet exhibition hall.

Most Relevant Visual Records

Photographer Chen Yung-Hsien’s work is based on images of people in the night market in Wanhua. The black and white characters making a letter U gesture together form the giant artwork “See U” in the exhibition. Through this lens, the work tells individual stories and the collective stories of the market. Another work, “Cubicle Dwelling,” portrays the booths‘ appearance in four frames, telling the stories of each person's life.

Thai Artworks with a Mixture of Reality and Fiction
Kawita Vatanajyankur is a Thai artist using her body to create artwork, such as simulating the weaving process with her body in “Performing Textiles.” She shuttles the red thread, symbolizing the human process of intense labor. Even when exhausted, people cannot stop working, running like gear. Her work explores the impact of capitalism on humanity.

© Kawita Vatanajyankur and Nova Contemporary

Group Creation of “Wagie”
In the stainless-steel ball installation works “Fit In I & II” by Keng Chieh Sheng, people in suits stand on stainless steel balls, swaying with the ball's movement, just like white-collar workers who can be found anywhere on their way home. They are similar but different, and their faces are blurred, trying to find a stable place to settle in an unstable environment.

Enter the Exhibition Hall and Experience Installation Artworks
Through Candy Bird's work “Focus (102 days),” people can lead themselves into a conversation with writing. People can read the booklets through the text and find the sentence that might trigger their thoughts.

The work “Matchstickmen” by German artist Wolfgang Stiller represents human faces molded into matches, symbolizing the impermanence of life. Only by burning brightly can we realize the meaning of existence and seize the present moment.

There are more works by other artists that you can experience at the Jut Art Museum, along with lectures, expert guidance, and guided tours. For more information, please visit the museum's website.

Born to be Human
Time: 2023/4/22-7/30
Venue: Jut Art Museum

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