Imagination of What Humankind in the Future
While stepping into the Galleries on the second floor of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), you will find that the sculptures displayed before you are so true to life. These are not the objects in today's time. Instead, they are the objects that simulate what possible appearances of '' the next species evolved in the future'' will look like. Artists showcase the rich and multivariant imagination of their works for people.

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In this day and age, all sorts of high technology keep progressing and improving. Meanwhile, genetic modification, AI, and ChatGPT spring up as well. These changes influence the artists and give them abundant and multivariant imagination about '' the next species evolved in the future.'' It might be a creature mixed with the biometrics of a swan, nutria, and donkey. Or, it might be a person with the head of an animal and the body of a man.

What do you fantasize the future will be like? Let's follow the artists and enter the universe born by their imagination. Don't forget to wear your earphones. The debates in ideas will be the highlights that attract all your attention in this exhibition.

Anything Being Possible in the Future
TFAM's exhibit SUPERNATURAL: Sculptural Visions of the Body will display for over four months. This exhibit of German Kunsthalle Tübingen makes its debut in Taipei. Four main themes are planned for this exhibition, including "Hybrid Others", "Postnature," "Artist 4.0," and "Technological-Human-Metamorphoses." These seem like four unrelated themes, but they matter to each other. These themes revolve around the future, exploring the connection and influence between high technology, art, and living things.

A Big Question: What is the Definition of Art?

This exhibition's co-curator, Maximilian Lethe at the Institut für Kulturaustausch, says, when we are in a time that AI impacts and changes modern photography, what's the definition of art? The key point should be the idea that an artist wants to convey through his work. If the concept is determined enough, technology will be a means that help give more expressions of the arts, instead of replacing the artist.

Meanwhile, many artworks containing pioneering ideas are displayed in this exhibit as well. For example, nine mannequins are set to the work Schauspieler III, 3 by the German artist Isa Genzken. These nine human-like objects stand one by one and form a circle, and the distance between each other is so close. However, they all wear earphones or eyeshades and refuse to communicate with those around them. This artwork elaborates on the subject – a terrible situation caused by technology apathy.

© Isa Genzken

© Isa Genzken
Women Being Forced to Bear Heavy and Over-Expectation
Through the artwork Savage #7 (Zero g) by the Swedish artist Anna Uddenberg, the displayed sculpture is a distorted female body sitting on a suitcase, but the female's out of vitality. This art piece's concept aims to set forth the artist's views – under the pressure of technology communication, women have to love adventure, maintain good appearances, keep fit, and more. With so much stress, women strive to achieve as many requests as possible. Females must show themselves, but not the real ones, like the distorted sculpture displayed in the exhibit. This artwork would like to encourage everyone to find back autonomy for their own bodies.

© Anna Uddenberg
© Anna Uddenberg

TFAM's exhibit SUPERNATURAL: Sculptural Visions of the Body is a presentation that has realistic features, science-fiction-style expressions, and significance. It's worth paying a visit and taking a closer look at the art pieces displayed in this unique exhibition.

SUPERNATURAL: Sculptural Visions of the Body
Venue:Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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