When Eastern Elements Meets Western Electronic Music: DJ Code Wu
Can traditional Eastern instruments such as erhu, guzheng, and yueqin be incorporated into Western electronic music? You will find the answer in the music produced by DJ Code Wu.

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TextWenchien Wu

DJ Code Wu is a musician that lived up to numerous large-stage performances and represented Taiwan at the UK's Glastonbury International Music Festival as the first invited Taiwanese DJ. His self-produced music with Eastern elements makes his music unique and irreplaceable.

DJ Code Wu spent ten years perfecting his music and finally released “Wonder Island,” his latest album, earlier this year. The work featured the leader of the Chio Tian Drums, the band April Red, and musicians Panai and Blaire Ko, aiding DJ Code Wu to present the type of music he cared about the most.

Chio Tian Drums, the Perfect Symphony
DJ Code Wu recalls his first collaboration with Chio Tian Drums, which Wind Music International Corporation initiated at a world music festival. The connection transcended the boundaries of musical instruments and sparked lively dialogues. Later, DJ Code Wu was also invited to join Chio Tian Drums in a performance at the National Taichung Theater. Both sides persisted in creating non-mainstream music; hence, they understood each other's difficult path to success.

In DJ Code Wu's new album, the song "Sublimate" incorporates the drumming and chanting of Chio Tian Drums into the music. He often participates in the production and composition of Chio Tian Drums’ music, bettering the music productions.
Exploring the Uncharted Territory of Music
DJ Code Wu's work comprises live performances and music productions. He said he has rich experience in live performances, but he still needs to discern feedback in real time and adjust the direction of the music accordingly. When producing music, he enters a “private castle.” Here, he can redo the music until he is satisfied.

Formation of the Band April Red
April Red was formed in 2013, with DJ Code Wu responsible for composing music and the lead vocalist Shao Shih responsible for writing lyrics. Their adaptation of the classic song “Olive Tree” was nominated for the Golden Indie Music Awards. They were later invited to tour Europe, including Austria, the UK, and finally, the largest ADE electronic music festival in Amsterdam, completing this music tour.

Looking Back, it was Not Easy, but it was Worth it
Whether it is movie soundtracks, classical music adaptations, remixes of other works, or self-produced music, DJ Code Wu is willing to try and has been highly recognized.

If he were to give some advice to younger electronic music enthusiasts, DJ Code Wu said that the most important thing is to listen more, cultivate their taste, and find their preferred type of music. Electronic music is a dancing culture, so one should immerse themselves in it and enjoy the fun.

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