Terrestrial Planets Roaming the Sea and Universe
Have you ever imagined another planet in the universe similar to Earth? What do the animals and plants look like there? Artist Chen, Yu-Kai’s first solo exhibition, “Terrestrial Planets,” takes you on a colorful exploration of this “terrestrial planet” with his vibrant brushstrokes.

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The exhibition is open from February 23 to April 23 for two whole months, making it perfect to visit on a sunny afternoon at the Star Gallery to enjoy Chen's artwork.

In his works, you can often find many distinctive patterns and shapes, such as nebulae of the universe or the waves of the sea. However, Chen states that he does not intentionally sketch his ideas beforehand but allows the paint to flow freely on the canvas, giving his work a vibrant energy.

No Limitations
Regarding his creative process, artist Chen, Yu-kai explains that he enjoyed using wood for his artwork. Depending on the characteristics of each piece of wood, he would create a unique design. For the “Terrestrial Planets” exhibition, he also set up a small space in the basement to showcase his woodwork from that period.

The Life of an Artwork
The turning point in his creative process was when one of his wooden creations was accidentally damaged by a car before an exhibition. However, the damaged piece unexpectedly presented a unique shape, which made him realize that artwork is like a living entity that can wither and be reborn into a new form over time.

Aimless but Directed to the Heart’s Content
He puts paint on the canvas, allowing the colors to flow and form shapes independently. He looks forward to this surprise before each painting session, which is also a form of challenge.

He then draws patterns based on these existing colors. He particularly enjoys creating large art pieces like his “Bang Bang Bang” and “The Waves.” Larger pieces allow him to use his entire body to drive his paintbrush to create curved lines without straight edges or angles, just like when he's surfing, facing the sea, and welcoming the changes his physical movements bring.

Although he does not initially set a theme for his work, he always incorporates his favorite elements, such as the sea, the universe, animals, and plants, which is why he named his solo exhibition “Terrestrial Planets.”


Terrestrial planet Yu-Kai CHEN Solo Exhibition
Time: 2023.02.23 - 2023.4.23
Venue: ASTAR Gallery (No. 9, Aly. 53, Ln. 63, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 10682 , Taiwan)

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