Sense the Spatial Beauty
The beauty of art is a form of visual impact, while spatial beauty is a feeling originating from both the body and mind. In this exhibition, the Jut Art Museum invites artist Wang, Te-yu and architect Lin, Bo-yang to bring about a dialogue between art and space.

PhotoJut Art Museum

TextWenchien Wu

Moving to the "Sensing the Scene - Architecture x Art Crossover Exhibition," one will first see a piece of installation art outside named the “Pin” created by artist Tak-Leong Kau and invited by the Jut Art Museum. The red lines from the “Pin” pierce through the green tree lines and then converge to point to the entrance.

An Exhibition with No Exhibits
According to Huang, Shan-shan, the curator of “Perceiving the Scene - Architecture x Art Crossover Exhibition,” the audience does not need to have read a lot of information and texts, nor is there a limit to the theoretical framework that determines the presentation of artworks. You can treat the entire museum as a work of art and explore every corner.

From the changes of light and shadow on-site to the sound made by the audience, the softness of the fabric and the rigid walls are all part of this exhibition, and your unfiltered, raw feelings after you step into the exhibit space are the best answers to everything about this exhibition.

Breaking The Conventional Way of Viewing an Exhibition
In the past, apart from the exhibits themselves, we often had to have additional information on hand. Many had to gather museum information by browsing through introductions on site, it could be an audio tour, an app tour, or through the pamphlet in your hands. We had to do all the additional “digging” and follow the texts' guidance to understand the art creation's concept and origin.
However, the purpose of this exhibit is to let you explore the space with your body, whether sitting down or lying down, encouraging any forms of contact with the space and exploring the beauty of the exhibit through visual and tactile sensations.

Feelings Free from Numbers
For artist Wang, Te-yu "one meter" is a definite measure, but individuals’ distance measurement is not the mathematical length but how they perceive and feel the space. The feelings differ from person to person, and there is no standardized answer as it is uniquely personal.

Art On the Spot
The Jut Art Museum also invites the body yoga team's Norma yoga instructor Sylvia to relax the body's fascia with yoga moves and to further explore the space with our heart and soul.

On January 15th, dancer and choreographer Chou, Shu-yi and music composer Wang, Yu-jiun will perform a crossover performance exclusively for this exhibition, filling the exhibit space with the body's rhythm and music. Later in the year, on February 2nd and 3rd the Riverbed Theatre will also present an exceptional performance of “50 Breaths.”

Please be aware that you need to book a spot before any performances and visits. For more information, please visit Jut Art Museum’s official website.

Sence on Site
Date: 2022/10/15~2023/2/12
Venue: Jut Art Museum
Open Hours: Tuseday to Sunday 10:00~18:00

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