Art Kaohsiung’s10th Anniversary
This year, Art Kaohsiung welcomes its 10th Anniversary exhibit at The Pier 2 Art Center from November 11th to 13th. This exhibition will feature artworks from hundreds of artists as Art Kaohsiung plans to become a center that combines Northeast Asian and Southeast Asian arts.

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This time, Art Kaohsiung will be presenting two major themes. One is the "Contemporary Ink Painting Collection," carefully curated by Yao Te Huang. ART KAOHSIUNG will present works from multiple contemporary ink painting artists simultaneously to display the expressionism of ink paintings. On the other hand, Richard H. K. Chang, the founder of Formosa Art Fair, spearheads the presentation of the second theme with the “Southeast Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition.” Additionally, Artdoor Gallery Taipei, Dona Art, Galerie Grand Siècle, and Vin Gallery from Vietnam will join forces to help familiarize audiences with the Southeast Asian art that is quickly rising in popularity.

The International Art Forum also invited Park Woo Hong, president of the Galleries Association of Korea, and Japanese collector Daisuke Miyatsu, to share their love for art collections and show what it is like to hold large-scale art exhibitions.

Sneak Peeks and Highlights of The Artworks
Before the official opening, let's look at some of the highlights of Art Kaohsiung’s 10th Anniversary! First, to paraphrase Shih-Tung Liu, a Miaoli-born artist, “What makes art interesting is the use of different mediums to cover the canvas.” Liu’s mastery of collages stems from using multiple mediums and materials seen in everyday life, combining these elements to create artworks that surround themselves with historically significant themes Jade Elephant.

Illustrations Based on Fantasy and Childlike Innocence
In artist Chi Wu’s works, “Dream Beast” and “Birdman” are core elements that often take the stage, representing the risk of dreams and freedom, respectively. Wu’s works are colorful and dreamy, with strong imaginative and fantastical themes, as seen in In The World.

Wood Carving and Clay Sculpture A Showcase of The Beauty of Craftsmanship 
Sculpture artist Min-Chin Tung’s New Hero Series - Little King Kong is camphor wood carved, while ceramist Ming Tsiang Tsu uses clay to sculpt Architectural Rendering and Extension 2. Both works are based on the artists’ lifelong experiences transforming materials into reverberating creations.

A Light Breeze Shapeshifts Into Oriental Aesthetics
Japanese artist Shin-emon passes on the universe's energy through painting, transforming the ethereal elements of the wind and the dragon in oriental mythology into radiant and vivid details in Wind Dragon, balancing power and peaceful harmony.

This year's Art Kaohsiung features Taiwanese artists and works from Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, bringing a refreshing breeze to the art scene in the seaport city of Kaohsiung.


2022 Art Kaohsiung
Venue:The Pier-2 Art Center

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