Japanese Fashion Designer Akira Minagawa Debuts in Kaohsiung
This weekend, the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts will host the “TSUZUKU” exhibition by Akira Minagawa, the founder of the Japanese brand minä perhonen. Taiwanese museumgoers will be presented with minä perhonen's brand development history and details about its products.

PhotoKaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts / Photograph: L . A . TOMARI

TextWenchien Wu

Akira Minagawa's creative exhibition “TSUZUKU” originated in 2019. At the time, minä perhonen celebrated its 25th anniversary and had its debut at the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition’s title, TSUZUKU, literally translates to the “continuation" with the creation of hearts and forms.

In Japan, “TSUZUKU” toured the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Fukuoka Art Museum, and Aomori Museum of Art. The “TSUZUKU” exhibition at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts this October is its first tour overseas. To celebrate this eventful tour, Japanese graphic designer Kaoru Kasai was cordially invited to guide the visual design of the event. Meanwhile, Architect Tsuyoshi Tane re-planned the exhibition space to best present the 27-year history of minä perhonen from its founding to the present day.

Bring Fashion into Everyday Life
For Akira Minagawa, the intention of creating his brand is to hope that the brand can last at least a century. Therefore, minä perhonen does not pursue fast fashion; instead, it hopes to create clothing that best suits activities in people's daily life. He also emphasizes functionality and usability in his home decoration, bedding, and porcelain products. His fundamentals in design are always centered on combining fashion with utility so that the public can adopt his products into their everyday livelihood.

Minä stands for "me" in Finnish, and perhonen stands for “butterfly.” Therefore, in Akira Minagawa's creations, the colorful and diverse fabrics symbolize the changing patterns on butterfly wings. One cannot miss the color and changing elements in any of Minagawa's works.

A Message to The Taiwanese Audience
For Akira Minagawa, how to make clothing sustainable is of utmost importance. Furthermore, he wishes every individual related to the clothing, from the wearer to the designer and dressmakers, to be happy and satisfied with the product. Since its establishment, Minagawa's brand has focused on how to make positive social changes and reinforce that loop of progress that continually benefits society.

An emotional bond is created when a person uses an object or when a designer projects his beliefs on it. This emotional bond allows inanimate objects, such as clothes, to transcend and become a medium that stores memories, therefore worthy of preserving. 

We sincerely hope that after the exhibition “TSUZUKU,” the viewers can rethink their relationships with the objects they interact with and allow sustainability and the cycle of good to live on in their hearts.

TSUZUKU Exhibition
Venue:Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

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