Becoming Part of the Ocean
“The Deeper than Our Memories, More Magical than Our Dreams'' is the theme adopted for the solo exhibition of the artist Chen Yen-bo. The thematic exhibition brings us to enter the universe of Chen's imagination – people live in an underwater world and every daily object turns into a decoration of the marine world. The main subject of this exhibition reflects the rising sea level caused by the greenhouse effect and reminds people to care about environmental protection.

PhotoChloe Serenity Art

TextWenchien Wu

Chen uses his colorful artworks of paintings to present his bold and imaginative creativity and ideas. At the same time, Chen's works give us a chance to reflect on a critical issue – global sea level rise. When the rising sea level considerably impacts the displacement of human populations, the loss of farmlands, and the damage to the coastal cities people inhabit, what should we do to deal with such difficulties? Will humans co-exist with the ocean in the future? Or will humans have left the Earth and look for a new planet to live up to?

This solo show has two major thematic sections – the “Taxis” series and “Pillow Hill” series. The former is a series that Chen creates paintings to overlook the Earth underwater from God's visual angle. The latter one is a series that Chen uses an eye-level drawing technique to record our daily lives in a marine world. The exhibit will display from 2nd October to 30th October 2022. Welcome people to visit and explore the art exhibition at The Cafe Deco.

Chen's Surreal Techniques for the Making of Artistic Creations
Chen Yen-bo was born in Kaohsiung in 1992. Chen's works have been selected as the Honorable Mention in the Western Painting Group for The Art Exhibition of Chia-Yi City of 2021 and have won the Merit Awards of the Pingtung Fine Arts Exhibition of 2020 and 2022. He expresses his creative concept in surreal techniques to bring people to think about the climate change issues of global warming and sea-level rise.

In Chen's works, there is not just real marine life but numerous man-made objects. As the painting expresses, a bat ray is swimming over the sea floor. It is the same place where several cactus plants were abandoned by people and scattered everywhere. As displayed in another work, many artificial ladders scatter all over the sea waters where the clownfish lives.

These two paintings belong to the Taxis series and Pillow Hill series respectively. In the former one, Chen creates an image by putting the bat ray and cactus together. It's an artistic technique showcasing all living creatures from God's perspective. In the latter one, Chen takes advantage of daydream imagery to tell a story – a pillow hill decorated with marine life and man-made objects.
Expressing the Beauty of the Ocean through Varied Techniques
Apart from two-dimensional paintings, Chen Yen-bo's work has been nominated for the Honorable Mention in the Sculpture Group for the Kaohsiung Award of 2017. Chen uses the same way, mixed media, to present the same thematic concept with a three-dimensional expression – swimming pants and a triangular pyramid co-existing with a swimming whale over the pillow hill simultaneously. Chen's work looks more vibrant and vivid through varied techniques.

Chen Yen-bo's solo exhibition is on display at The Cafe Deco this October. Let's visit the exhibit to experience Chen's care about environmental issues.

The Deeper than Our Memories, More Magical than Our Dreams
Time:2022/10/2-10/30 10:30-18:30
Venue:The Cafe Deco

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