Imagination of a Future Market
Have you ever imagined what a future market will be like? Displayed at the U-mkt in Wanhua, Taipei, the exhibit Vessel of Future Commune invites you to visit the exhibition to appreciate and imagine a corner of a future market.


TextWenchien Wu

“Vessel of Future Commune” is an exhibit by a multi-national collaboration of nine groups of artists from Taiwan and Japan. The exhibition is split into three stages and opens from 3rd September to 20th November. Currently, “Gather & Stay” is the first theme displayed at the venue and will display until 28th September. The remaining six groups of artists will present their works at the show one after another.

Japanese artists use foreign perspectives to observe Taiwan's markets. And young artists of Taiwan imagine what a future market will be like. These transnational artists will use the most down-to-earth way to create site-specific art to showcase their imagination for art.

Visitors from the Future
Riku Murakami, a Japanese creator and co-founder of Sampo Inc., realizes that "it's rare to see children play in the market" when he enters the market in Wanhua. Such a discovery makes him realize that the generation gap is happening in the conventional market. So he wants to take advantage of the art to attract the younger generations to enter the conventional market. Firstly, Murakami starts with his interactive work Sounds from the Future – An Audio Organism Combines Different Times of Taiwan's Market. He collects the sounds in the market and plays them through the mixdown to catch the young people's attention to know more about the old market.

Connection of Emotions Between People
Hiroshi Ohno is a Japanese architecture professional and the representative of the Studio on-site. He firmly believes that the objects necessary to the everyday life of the commoners are the best media to connect people's emotions. So, Ohno visits a traditional bamboo steamer maker in Wanhua - Fushan Steamer Shop. During his visit, he learns the craft of steamer-making from Fushan's third-generation successor, master Hsiao Shun-kun. Then, Ohno transforms the commoners' kitchen utensils into lighting instruments and furnishings. As people know, modern electric appliance gradually replaces this bamboo-made and century-old steamer. However, Ohno's incredible renovation gives this old-fashioned steamer a contemporary, unexpected function.

Those who have been to conventional markets should understand how a jam-packed market would be. Monouno, an emerging Taiwanese artist duo, observes such a phenomenon. So they turn the ironware, general objects used in the market, into a seat, symbolizing a single rest area. When the ''rest area'' stands on the ground one after another, they connect each other and become a collective rest area visually. It looks like the booths in the market firmly connect people.

Next, six more groups of artists will display their artworks inspired by the conventional market. The remaining artists include the Zwhy, BONUS TRACK, Jin Pei-wen, Mong Tong, Misa Murata, and EBIX Calligraphy. Stay tuned!

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