Heterogeneous Exhibition: A Show Comprised by Paper Artworks
The Heterogeneous exhibition is an installation art project co-prepared for one year by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), Suho Paper Memorial Museum, and Fenko Catalysis Chamber. The exhibit will display for 12 months. So when visitors come to the TFAM, they'll have enough time to appreciate a universe made of papers at the Space C venue, a display gallery on the 3rd floor.

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TextWenchien Wu

The Suho Paper Memorial Museum has made efforts in the diverse uses of papers for many years. Now the Fenko Catalysis Chamber turns these researches into crossovers, collaborating with different industries. Such changes make people further understand that there are more possibilities for the use of paper, compared to the traditional way of writing.

For instance, the material for making a pair of socks could be paper yarn. This innovative fabric could turn into white, soft gauze that decorates the whole exhibition space and makes the venue look gentler visually. Vice versa, papers could be transformed into solid textures, like turning into rocks, pillars, and stones to present the hard lines. The paper shown in this exhibit space demonstrates the diverse possibilities of transformation.

A Wonderworld of Papers
When entering the exhibit venue, there are three thematic sections: Mountain Path, Realm of Float, and Time. Through different expressions, papers are transformed into the mimic looks of the soil, moss, rock formation, hillside, giant stone, and more. Via these various displays, the weight of papers could be either heavy or light.


The Continuous Passing on of Experience
The Suho Paper Memorial Museum was founded in 1995. Rita LiChen, the curator of this museum, builds it to pass on Su Ho Chen's experience, her father's six-decade experience in the making of paper. Lichen invites everyone to know more about papers' creative transformation and innovative changes through the presentation of the classic and memorial collections of this first-ever Paper Museum in Taiwan.

Lino Lee, the third-generation successor of the Suho Paper Memorial Museum, set up the Fenko Catalysis Chamber in 2018. As a new sub-brand, Lee introduces the elements of arts and design into this subbranch and opens a new platform for various artists to collaborate. Lee turns papers into installation art, which greatly reverses people's existing impressions. Therefore, Fenko organizes to curate this Heterogeneous exhibition and invites people from all walks of life to make a crossover.
A Harmonious Crossover with People from all Walks of Life
The exhibition also invites three Taiwanese renowned artists to join the exhibit, including Yu Shen Li, a costume designer, Huan Sheng Lin, a painting and calligraphy restorer, and Chi Yang Chiang, a lighting designer. Having a crossover with artists from various fields layers up extensity, profession, and dramatic tension to the move-in arrangement of the entire exhibition.


Through multi techniques, like paper dying, crumpling, and tearing, the papers in the exhibition are blent and layered to create a mimic appearance to simulate the mountain scenery. It takes two months for the move-in arrangement. More than that, papers are turned into site-specific artworks to fit with the space of the TFAM's exhibit venue. Such brilliant creations give visitors a field that harmoniously mixes arts, light, and shadows.

 This exhibit will be open for 12 months. Except for the regular display, a series of paper-related seminars and workshops will launch by the schedules. For more, please visit the Taipei Fine Arts Museum's website.

Heterogeneous Exhibition
Venue:Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 3F Space C

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