A Trip of Journey Spanning a Century
Must a journey be an actual existence that has distances between different locations? When entering the exhibition Along the Journey: New Acquisitions at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, you're now starting a journey of arts that spans over a century.

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The Along the Journey: New Acquisitions is now exhibiting at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM). The exhibit mainly presents the new collections acquired from 2015 to 2022. There will be nearly ninety artworks from thirty-eight artists to be displayed, including oil paintings, ink paintings, prints, photographs, videos, mechanical devices, kinetic arts, and more. More than that, approximately half of the exhibits are for the first time showing publicly at the TFAM.

“Journey” is the theme of this exhibition, which is the keyword for communication with these artworks. The word “journey” has varied meanings while it's in different situations. It could be the traveling experiences in people's everyday lives, a creative process for the artist, and the history describing the Museum encounters with these collections.

Multi Seeing and Thinking Along the Journey
Four sections plan for this exhibit, including The Traveler's Gaze, Portraits of Time, People, and Everyday Life. These four sub-themes give the visitors a guided tour. Now follow the Yii Media to admire these art pieces online first. After appreciating the following selective works, you can visit the exhibit immediately for a close view!
A Second-time Public Exhibition after 36 Years
Kinichiro Ishikawa is considered the first instructor of first-generation Western art painters in Taiwan. This time, several of his treasured landscape paintings in the watercolor style, including the French Concession in Tianjin, China, Thames River, London, Upon a River, and Nekukan Chanun Temple, Korea, will exhibit at the TFAM once again since 1986. It's a second-time public exhibition after 36 years.

Kinichiro Ishikawa / Thames River, London / 1922
Wang Hsin Documenting the Wushe Township with Unique Narrative Styles
Wang Hsin's work, A Trip to Wushe, is an important work that he starts the series of reportage photography. Wang Hsin cares so much about the situation the indigenous people face up. He gets inspiration after majoring in photography in Japan. He has returned to Taiwan twice to film the Seediq tribe. The TFAM has the most comprehensive collections of this series. Eleven of the fifty works are selected to exhibit this time.

Wang Hsin / A Trip to Wushe / 1972–73
Lee Ming-Tse's Work Using Metaphors to Express Ordinary people's Beliefs and Lives
The work Calabash Board Game by Lee Ming-Tse is a painting with a width of nearly six meters. The topic of this work gets inspired by the Taiwanese traditional helical board game, Hôo-lôo-mn̄g. It's a board game that adopts the Eight Immortals or Chinese zodiacs as the icon of each position on the track in the early days of Taiwan. Guanshiyin is the Goddess of Mercy in which the people of Taiwan generally have faith. In this work, Guanyin is placed in the center and develops an image showcasing the beliefs of ordinary people. Lee uses this work to express the cycle of life metaphorically.

Lee Ming-Tse /  Calabash Board Game / 2014
Chou Ching-Hui Opening up His Unique Context in the Photography
Chou Ching-Hui is one of the most iconic contemporary photographers in Taiwan. Through the expression of fine and delicate, exquisite, and color-saturated images, Animal Farm by Chou Ching-Hui uses it to combine with the surreal atmosphere to open up the unique context in the photography.

Chou Ching-Hui /  Animal Farm No. 03 / 2014
Shyu Ruey-Shiann Recalling His Childhood
The River of Childhood by Shyu Ruey-Shiann is an electric-driven work that shows through collective sixty-four ceramic boats. When the mechanical device turns on, these tiny boats will bob up and down on each rod by following the device's sound and operation. Such a demonstration makes Shyu's memories of childhood reappear. It's an image reflecting he was playing the game then, letting the paper-made boats sail out by the river.

 Shyu Ruey-Shiann / River of Childhood / 1999
Wang Fujui Re-interpreting the Soundscape of the City
The Electromagnetic Soundscape by Wang Fujui is an interactive sound device composed of several lightweight aluminum frames. When one takes a special-made tool and makes it slide along these aluminum frames, one can hear the sounds from every corner of Taipei City. And these sounds are transformed by electromagnetic waves.

 Wang Fujui / Electromagnetic Soundscape / 2012

Along the Journey: New Acquisitions
Date: August 13 to November 6, 2022
Venue:Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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