Childlike Graffiti Paying Tribute to Life
In the paintings of Indonesian contemporary artist, Indra Dodi, neither complicated and heavy oil paints nor extremely realistic subject descriptions exist. Instead, childlike graffiti demonstrates his personal colors.

PhotoIndra Dodi / Donna Art

TextWenchien Wu

“All grown-ups were once children.” as the preface to The Little Prince said. Nevertheless, with the complexity of life increasing, how simple and happy it was to see everything from a childlike perspective is forgotten by many people.

Upon seeing Indra Dodi's paintings, happiness will quickly flash into your mind. Just like the first moment you draw on the paper with crayons, nobody cares whether your drawing is lifelike or not, and whether the proportion is correct or not. Just let the inspiration in your heart flow on the drawing paper.

Yogyakarta, the Place Breeding Art
In 1980, Indra Dodi was born in Sumatra. He studied at the Indonesian Institute of Art in Yogyakarta. Not only the well-known Biennale Yogyakarta is held here, but artists from everywhere such as Austronesia, Equator and Oceania also get together here to interact and communicate. In addition, this city is the focus of attention in the global art market.
Starting from being a beginner going hither and thither to search materials for creation to settling in Yogyakarta in 2009, he designed a house for his family in person, and the front yard was planned as an exhibition space, providing a platform for young artists from his alma mater to interact with each other.

Inspiration Coming from Life
Indra, a man with professional training, has already been able to master complex classical drawing skills; however, he chooses to show his artistic expression by graffiti, and faithfully expresses the most primitive inspiration with the minimum strokes and drawing methods.

His inspiration comes from his life. A thunderstorm in the afternoon, a dinner with women and children, friends’ gatherings, or even only a daydream, all of which are the sources of his inspiration.

While he sits alone in the wooden room that belongs to him, these fragments of inspiration flow into his heart, and colorful paintings emerge one by one.
Graffiti Becoming Globally Famous
In recent years, graffiti has returned to the art stage. Before that, most people do not take graffiti seriously. Such a way of creation combining symbols, characters, and performance art is likely to be the next art trend worldwide.

Indra's paintings combine the aboriginal culture of Java with the global graffiti on the street, transforming them into his own language, also, they are conveying the local social situation in Indonesia at the same time.

For example, in this painting I'm Still Legend, many words are used to describe superheroes, such as Rock, Big Boy, Hero, etc. Many symbols are also there, such as wine glasses and cars, allowing people more likely to feel the artistic conception he wants to express.

C’est la vie!: Indra Dodi Solo Exhibition is held in Huashan 1914 Creative Park until August 8, go there and enjoy!



C’est la vie!: Indra Dodi Solo Exhibition
Date: July 7 to August 21, 2022
Venue:Huashan 1914 Creative Park

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