These Flowers 2022: Fully Exploration of the Crossover Collaboration
Entering its eighth year, These Flowers is moved to exhibit at the ALIEN Art Centre of Kaohsiung this year. Collaborating with nine groups of musicians and eleven groups of artists, this exhibition brings the visitors a visual-cum-auditory dual experience.

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TextWenchien Wu

The exhibition of These Flowers named ''Where Have All The Flowers Gone'' held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei in 2019 had interesting sparks for the crossover collaboration of music and art fields. Musicians create exclusive music for each of the artworks. Visitors could enter the uniquely exclusive spaces built by the artists as soon as wearing earphones.

After two-year waiting, These Flowers is back and will hold a new exhibition ''Re: Echoes of All The Flowers.'' Including seven classic outstanding works displayed before, this fresh exhibit adds four brand new crossover collaborations to offer visitors better interaction with music, light, and shade.

Bringing ''Euterpe'' into Life with AR
The artist Chen-An Lee, skilled at making an interactive connection through a digital method, especially creates an AR device named “Euterpe” for the These Flowers 2022. The tailor-made interactive device turns the audio frequency on the scene into pieces of blooming flowers, showcasing on the mobile phones through the visualization method and interacting with visitors. As long as turning on the smartphone, visitors could immerse in such an extraordinary, lifelike effect on the spot.

Converting an Admission Ticket into an Extended Play Record
Digitalization has changed the music industry gradually. Do you still play a CD to listen to music at present?
These Flowers is a venue that exhibits the past, memories, and art. Regarding the design of the admission ticket, it's planned as an EP album record, collecting three new songs - The Silver Lining Of Midnight, Nothing's Empty, and Breakfast at Dibannei - and is pressed to a CD. The CD will be an inventive entrance ticket that is exclusively given to the visitors for free to make people reawaken their memories of physical CDs.
Breakfast at Dibannei and Come into My Drain

Telling a Story with Light and Music
Hard, Hard, a displayed artwork of the These Flowers previously, was a mixed media kinetic installation collectively created by the artist LuxuryLogico, the singer-songwriter Waa Wei, the song co-writer Rhydian Vaughan, and the music director George Chen. Reviewing this artistic creation, it's inspired by the ''light'' so that this device could travel among the desk, kitchen, and somewhere else. It's an innovative way to remember the people and things in the past.

Hard, Hard

The Sun-kissed Harbour City of Taiwan
Among four new exhibits, the artwork Electronic Monster #34 - Nothing’s Empty, co-created by the Taiwanese band Cosmos People and the artist Loudly Lighting, combines the element ''sunshine'', a well-known, local feature of Kaohsiung. Staying in a peaceful long hallway, relaxing under gentle lighting to avoid sunburn on a blazing hot day, and listening to the song Nothing’s Empty would be a happy relaxing time of the hectic daily life.
Nothing’s Empty
A Night with Light
Another Light-themed artwork is The Place Where There Is No Darkness II by the artist Yaman Shao. Created with the painting and multimedia, Shao builds a contrasting space with the bright and dark shades. Pairing with the song The Silver Lining Of Midnight, sung by the singer Rene Liu sings and produced by the song producer George Chen, this crossover artistic creation expresses that brightness and darkness could co-exist in a song or the same space, like the reflection of life.

The Place Where There Is No Darkness II  and The Silver Lining Of Midnight

Curated by the curator Joe Fang and the music director Masa, the bass of the Taiwanese band Mayday, the exhibition These Flowers 2022 - Re: Echoes of All The Flowers runs from the present to the October 30, 2022. Welcome everyone to visit the exhibit to treat yourself to a fully immersive company of music and art.


These Flowers 2022 - Re: Echoes of All The Flowers
Time:Jun 6 to Oct 30
Venue:ALIEN Art Centre
Open Hours:10:00~18:00(Closed on Monday)

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