New Aesthetics Composition of Heinrich Wang’s Tea Tasting
A pot is the center of a ripple that perturbates our established impression of tea brewing, tea setting and tea culture. Heinrich Wang makes a breakthrough in porcelain craft over the past thousands of years this time by decomposing the classic composition of tea culture, greeting the sweet-after taste of the metropolitan.



The "Will" takes people into a new flavor of tea tasting while the “taste” drives people to move toward a better life. by Heinrich Wang

"Will of Pot" is the first writing about utensils and the aesthetics reflection of Heinrich Wang on contemporary tea arts, known as the "Father of Modern Glass in Chinese Society." The "NewChi Park" by New Chi Art, concurrently hosting the exhibition of "Will of Pot – New Aesthetics Composition of Heinrich Wang’s Tea Tasting." There will be 75 pots in various shapes displayed at the venue, so that the viewers can perceive the abundance of artwork energy craft height, as well as witness the amazing correspondence between artwork craft and tea tasting in daily life.

A better life starts with choosing utensils
Will of Pot reveals the aesthetic reflection proposed by Heinrich Wang on the tea arts with increasingly fixated forms and utensils passed from 300 to 400 years ago. Heinrich Wang mentioned that “The book assumes the pot rather as the description of choice.” The nature of evolution comes from people’s demand for “choice,” which then drives civilization to move forward and encourage artists with enthusiastic innovation.

For this reason, the aesthetics of tea tasting is difficult to evolve due to the ceiling on porcelain craft and the similar shape of teapots. After having a breakthrough in the porcelain craft of thousands of years, Heinrich Wang directly decomposes the classic composition of tea culture and expects the important cultural custom can own its own sweet — after taste of the metropolitan.
The lines, shape, and composition of pots can draw the emotional state of the users through imperceptible influence. Finding life in utensils is a personal statement on the direction and path of “choice.” The utensils are filled with various wills that impel people to move towards a better life through artistic conception.

Launch of Tea sets and artwork exhibition
In the exhibition of “Will of Pot – New Aesthetics Composition of Heinrich Wang’s Tea Tasting,” the 75 pots in various shapes displayed at the venue are writing a new chapter in the history of contemporary tea tasting.
With regards to the types and composition, no one has created so many sets of tea sets. Each pot carries a will that leads people into a new state of sweet after-taste and surpasses the pure demand for “drinking,” adding a solemn dramatic effect to rituals. In the exhibition, the pots created before are categorized by the different “Chi”(the properties with the Chinese character “Chi”) according to the characteristic of each pot, which features attraction, heroism, nobility, etc. These positive properties are expected to invigorate and calm the users, bringing the emotional breadth and depth of vision and taste.

Establishing new life through “Metropolitan Consideration”
The change of pots brings a change of tea setting.
The installation of a creative tea setting in “metropolitan consideration” is the self-awareness of taste and aesthetics, which comes with the drinking sensation of the time. The sensitivity to changes in time and space allows the artist to focus more on the contemporary urban aesthetics experience, an image of fashion taste, belief and attitude of life, paces of popular language, innovation in cultural elements, and other transformations. Heinrich Wang undertakes the evolution project of tea affairs by promoting the new image and after-taste of tea ceremony from the hardware.


“Chi Observation” Art Installation
Designed by designer Rock Wang and built by New Taipei City Metal Artist Ansel Chiang, the “Chi Observation” art installation is worth visiting. Participants can engage in an interactive experience with the checkerboard installation, which adds more fun to the exhibition venue.


Will of Pot
Published by Locus Publishing Company, April 2022.
The Exhibition of “Will of Pot – New Aesthetics Composition of Heinrich Wang’s Tea Tasting.”
Period: May 24, 2022 to July 24, 2022
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday morning 10:00~18:00
Venue: New Chi, 1st Floor, No. 16, Lane 515, Section 4, Zhongyang North Road, Beitou District, Taipei City

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