Tadao Ando's Termination of Traveling Exhibition in Taipei
"Tadao Ando: Endeavors," a Japanese master architect's touring exhibition, opened at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park on June 3, 2022. The team of Tadao Ando organizes this traveling exhibition, starting in Tokyo in 2017, visiting Paris, Milan, Shanghai, Beijing, and now stops in Taiwan. It's the architect's retrospective that looks back at his signature projects over half a century.

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The exhibition space is split into four major sections: Primitive Shapes of Space, An Urban Challenge, Landscape Genesis, and Dialogue with History. The exhibition is on display at Warehouse Number 1 of the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from the present to 13th Sept 2022. During the exhibition period, visitors can take a peek at the life journey of Tadao Ando & retrospect the architecture world of the Pritzker Architecture Prize winner.

A life-sized replica of the ''Church of Light'' debuts in Taiwan. More than that, the touring exhibition displays Ando's travel sketches, manuscripts, architectural models, and photographs. Each of these architectural models was made by Ando's team, so visitors could feel the beauty of architecture through two-dimensional photos, as well as three-dimensional models.

Back to the Starting Point of Everything
While entering the exhibition space, the presentation focuses on Ando's early ironic works, which are familiar to all such as the Row House in Sumiyoshi (Azuma House), Chapel on the Water, and the life-sized replica of the Church of Light. Among these works, even though there are not so many resources, either spacious occupied areas, Ando brings his talents into life within limited land area and space.

Church of Light is acclaimed for the perfect utilization of natural light.

The starting point of Tadao Ando's architecture: Row House in Sumiyoshi (Azuma House).

A Response to Urban Challenges
From the Asia Museum of Modern Art at the Asia University in Taichung, the Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre, the 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo, to the Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest in Osaka, Ando at this stage strives to meet the challenges of each city and simultaneously brings his works onto the world stage.


On-site photo of the Asia Museum of Modern Art at the Asia University in Taichung. © Shigeo Ogawa

The manuscript of the Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre. © Tadao Ando Architect & Associates


Creation of Rich Landscapes
What an architecture project includes is not just the building itself but its surrounding landscapes. Ando reflects this idea in his works - the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in Texas and the Chichu Art Museum on the island of Naoshima in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.
The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is located in the city's celebrated Cultural District, which is home to the adjacent Kimbell Art Museum designed by architect Louis I. Kahn. So, how to handle the relationship between two museums becomes the critical point of this project for The Modern. The Chichu Art Museum on the island of Naoshima is successfully combined with surrounding landscapes and becomes part of nature seamlessly.

On-site photo of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. © Mitsuo Matsuoka

Tadao Ando's "Naoshima Plan" makes architecture become a real place of living.
Reflection on the History of the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
This exhibition is on display at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, a historic site of the defunct tobacco factory constructed in 1937 initially. The selected venue exactly reflects the fourth theme "Dialogue with History."
For Ando, architecture means not just building a new structure but maintaining the historic building, bringing it a new life. Like the Punta Della Dogana in Venice, Italy, it's a restoration project that turns a historical building into a contemporary art center. The Bourse de Commerce was a building of Commodities Exchange in Paris and has been renovated into a private museum - Pinault Collection. Like the present Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, it's renovated from a former tobacco factory into a cultural site. It's another way of bringing a historical building a new life.


The Punta Della Dogana is completely restored as its appearance in the 15th century.

The "Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection" is renovated with the theme of the dialogue between new and old.

An Initial Intention Inspired by the Green Apple
While visiting the exhibition, you might as well take a peek at Ando's Green Apple placed in the exhibition space. For Ando, a green apple turns red when it matures. However, the initial immature and original intention are just like the motivation that makes people face up to the challenge bravely. And for architecture, it's an infinite challenge.


Ando says, keeping youth inside your heart, like the green apple, never stop learning.

Exhibition Period: June 3 (Fri.) to September 13 (Tue.) 2022 
Venue: Warehouse 1 of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00 from Monday to Sunday
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