The Opening of Newchhi Porcelain’s New Base, Newchi Gallery
Many passengers believe they are nearly on the fringe of Taipei City when the MRT train pulls into the Beitou metro station. Delving further into it, you will find Newchi Porcelain’s new cultural base, Newchi Gallery, perhaps a good reason for exploring Beitou more.


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Newchi Gallery is Newchi Porecelain’s new cultural base in Taipei, nearing the Guandu metro station. Originally the site of Tittot Glass Art museum, where artworks from around the world met, and which also served the purpose of education promotion and cultural tourism. It may be said that this place was witness to the birth of the culture of Chinese glass art, and today it becomes witness to the reformation of the aesthetic and craftsmanship of porcelain anew.

Newchi Gallery was inaugurated with the exhibition, Hello Beitou—The flow of culture, a few days ago, inviting young, middle-aged, and old generations who were geographically associated with Beitou including the artist Hsieh Chun-Te, the multimedia artist Lin Yung Chieh, and Beitou Production, united by local young people. They combined their efforts to tell the story about Beitou by means of their creations and labor.

A Landmark in Beitou’s Aesthetic Culture
In this exhibition, artists Hsieh Chun-Te and Heinrich Wang showcased the inspirations for their works, drawn from their life in Beitou, in their own ways. Mr. Hsieh Chun-Te brought with him his photographs taken in 1980s’ Beitou, where he often shot photographs around the Beitou train station. Heinrich Wang, on the other hand, envisioned the notion of fashion. 

Lin Yung Chieh from the middle-aged generation once lived in Beitou in his school days, delivering growth during his twenty-year life experience in Beitou through his works. Beitou Production, organized by young people, united the efforts of local studios, artisans, and self-employed workers to encourage more creative power for Beitou.


Beitou is the home of Taiwanese white porcelain clay, which people have been digging in Guizikeng for porcelain making since the period of Japanese rule over Taiwan. Beitou is the important historic root of Taiwanese porcelain. Moreover, an innovative tea feast, The flow of culture, is specially designed and arranged by Heinrich Wang for this exhibition.
The flow of culture offers an exhibition and performance space for a tea tasting with its design, materials, and composition. Beginning with teapots and from tradition to innovation, it is hoped that The flow of culture, as a vehicle for classical fashion, also provides a new path to aesthetic conceptions of modern life.


Hello Beitou—The flow of culture invites everyone to travel through the long history of Beitou porcelain and to taste the flavor of times and the city together.


Hello Beitou—The flow of culture Exhibition
Time: on now until January 10, 2022
Hour: 10:00 to 18:00 every day
Location: 1F, No. 16, Lane 515, Section 4, Zhongyang N Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City
Beitou Production Special Event
Time: Janaury 15, 2022
Location: 1F, No. 16, Lane 515, Section 4, Zhongyang N Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City

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