Museum of Failure-- Respection of Failure after Laughter
Success always arouses attention but failure can never arouse any discussion. Have a visit to the Museum of Failure and a look at the dubious history of some big brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, and Ford, and then think about a question: How do we regard failure?

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Did you know that Colgate has once launched its own frozen beef lasagna? Or, have you ever eaten colorful ketchup? Did you have any idea that Apple launched its first tablet computers in the 90’s? Or, have you ever seen electric face masks that could stimulate and rejuvenate your skin through electric currents? All these products popped up like a flash in the pan and are no longer around.

These products were developed to fulfill the task of “thinking out of the box” or “solving problems” but in vain. They were faced with challenges when coming into the market and ended up going out because they could not meet the favors and demands of consumers. All these miscellaneous products come from the collection of the Museum of Failure in Sweden!

Every Classic Brand Has “a Past”
The Museum of Failure from Sweden was founded in the Swedish town of Helsingborg in 2017 and toured Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Paris. The museum has a rich collection of failed products once developed and launched by well-known brands. The concept of the exhibit deviates from that of the mainstream pursuit of success. On the contrary, it promotes failure. Apple, Coca-Cola, Ford, Nokia, and Microsoft were all put on record.

Samuel West, the curator of the Museum of Failure, said, “Business articles are forcing stories of successful entrepreneurs down our throat. I just got sick and tired of all these success stories. Though we read in these articles that 80% to 90% of innovation projects fail, we never heard these failures discussed. It is from failure that we learn.”

We have an established impression that green means “go, good, no problem” while red means “no, warning, errors,” and the Museum of Failure’s red-and-green logo redefines them—life can be full of failure. We may hear others tell us “no,”; then we still try and fail. Still, it’s all right to fail. The ultimate objective of the Museum of Failure is to let failure be discussed openly, to let us accept and understand why we fail, and to let us be fearless of failure and mistakes.

The Quirkiest Exhibition
The most obscure and whimsical products can be found in the Museum of Failure! This exhibit showcases more than 100 failed inventions, covering 60 brands and featuring nine themes, such as technology, foods, and medical treatment.

As well as unbounded innovation, opportune moment, favorable conditions, suitable people, and commercial management are required for the process of product development, ranging from product design to its introduction to the market. Former US President Donald Trump even got a display area devoted to him in this exhibit, his Trump business empire failing many times at product design and decision-making mistakes. Think about how those products named “Trump: The Game,” “Trump Ice Natural Spring Water,” or “Trump Steaks” were launched into the market confidently but ended up obscure. The route from product innovation to success is long and arduous!

Learn from the Museum of Failure the Path to Success
The Museum of Failure’s true purpose is not to discourage people or deride others’ failure. Instead, the museum hopes that after learning failure in a humorous way, remember that “failure” is the beginning of another innovation and a touchstone for success. Welcome to the Museum of Failure for a hearty, relaxing laugh and an amusing lesson on the path to success.
Even the great inventor Thomas Edison has said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Then, what are you afraid of?

The Museum of Failure
Period: on now until March 31, 2022; closed on Chinese New Year’s Eve.
Place: Warehouse No. 4, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
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