Experience the Interactive Installation Exhibition at teamLab
Eventually, teamLab shows up in Taipei! The “teamLab Future Park and Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives” is now exhibiting. The exhibition combines technology, arts, and interactive elements in perfection, appealing in “co-creation” as the core and inviting audiences of all ages to participate in this dreamland of super-cool art creations.


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This fantasy and colorful exhibition based on interactive concepts is the masterpiece that teamLab swept the world in recent years. teamLab expands the sensory experience of arts and people through digital technology, so that all audiences can interact with the theme of the venue to experience the wonderful perception of immersive lighting exhibition.

The concept behind the creation of splendid interactive art exhibitions is the reflection of teamLab on the relation between people and people and between people and the world. People’s senses are the key medium forming these relations, which also allows teamLab to focus on the creation of “body-immersive” works, thereby creating the brilliance sparkled from the experience of diverse themes and interactive arts for the audience.

The Nine Projects in teamLab Future Park
This time, teamLab features the theme in “teamLab Future Park and Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives” to build nine interactive spaces in an elevated room through technology, art, and interactive elements, creating a huge immersive fantasy world which is nearly 700 pings. No image exhibited in the exhibition is repeated and all the brilliant colors and ecological cycles in the exhibition would change, generating a unique art interactive space for each participating audience. The following paragraphs introduce the features of the nine interactive spaces. Are you ready to take the unique experience brought by teamLab now?  

Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives II

The flowers will constantly bloom, grow and wither. You can see the flowers forming the shapes of animals. When the audience touches the animals, the flower petals scatter and form a brilliant and gorgeous image. Every moment of appearance will differ when people touch and interact with the animals. No images will be repeated. 

Graffiti Nature: Lost, Immersed and Reborn - Red List

The audience draws the plants and animals to create an ecosystem, where the flowers and animals are drawn will grow in this space. When you stand still, the flowers will blossom under your feet or near you. When you approach the animals, the animals will leave while the colors on the animals will spread the entire space.      

Hopscotch for Geniuses

This is a game of hopscotch where you hop forward and land with a single foot. When you land on the same shape several times in a row, a fish, butterfly, or bird is born. If you jump on many of the same colored shapes in a row, even more animals will appear, that color will spread throughout the space to create a gorgeous visual effect. 

Sliding through the Fruit Field

The audience becomes the sunlight and slides down the slope. When your body collides with the balls, it means that the balls receive sunlight energy and it will go flying in all directions. When the flying balls collide with other objects, the fruits will begin to grow.  

A Table where Little People Live

The little people run across the interactive screen of a tabletop. The audience can interact with the little people by placing objects on the table or with their hands, so the little people can jump, climb or slide onto the objects on the table. 

Light Ball Orchestra

The light balls change in color and sound when they are rolled.  The combined light balls form an orchestra performance. In this space, a music concert can be held by touching the different balls.     

Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere

When you touch the hieroglyphs on the screen, the images that they represent will 

Sketch Animals 

Draw an animal on the paper provided at the venue and see it come to life in a huge 3-D artwork on the wall via the projector. The animals you draw will start to communicate with one another. The animals will make different responses when you touch them or when they are surprised.

Sketch Animals Papercraft 

Draw the animals in crayon on paper to turn them into papercraft plans. Assemble the plan to create your own 3-D animals. 

“teamLab Future Park and Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Live” Exhibition 

Term: Starts today and lasts until February 28, 2022
Venue: South Building Special Exhibition, 7F, National Taiwan Science Education Center
Admission Notes: Concurrent reservation + Number drawing and line waiting. Please 

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