Nanhui Art Project Invites to Forward from Here
2021 Nanhui Art Project features the theme in “Sicevudan– Forward from here.” 14 portfolios of artworks are invited to exhibit around the South-link Highway, describing the exclusive South-link related stories so you can acquaint yourself with this beautiful and clean land of South-link.

PhotoTaitung County Cultural Affairs Department

TextBecky Tu

Curator Biung Ismahasan adopts the Pinayuanan language, “Sicevudan” – Forward from Here, to present the origin of lifestyles in Nanhui, through the connotations of experience and flows, as interpreted by 14 domestic and international groups of the artist.

Why not treat each piece of artwork as coordination and explore Nanhui from the starting point, to discover more beauties in history, culture, mountain and ocean, and legends.

Artwork Coordinates on Nanhui-Link Highway
1. Facing the South in the South 
Artist: 404 N.F (Taiwan) 
Location: Nantian Coat Water Park 

404N.F is a group of artists from the fields of new media, materials, and architecture. The work features the location at the northern junction of the South, inviting viewers to reconsider the implications of “South” through the composition of fields, lights, and sports. 

2. Stairway to Heaven
Artist: Strijdom van der Merwe (South African) and Sheng-Xian Zhou (Taiwan) 
Location: Dawu Coastal Park 

The work appeals to the natural humanistic context hidden in Nanhui and symbolizes hope, eternity, and dreams. This stairway to heaven is built to remind people to confront and have the courage to realize their dreams. 

3. Bigfoot the Walk for Awareness
Artist: Idan Zareski (Israel) 
Location: Millennium Dawn Memorial Park

Artist Idan Zareski is a world traveler. Bigfoot series started in Latin America. He was touched by the beauty of the mountain and ocean in Nanhui and hopes the Bigfoot in barefoot could connect Nanhui and the world. 

4. Ripping from the South
Artist: Tzu-Yaw Lin (Taiwan) 
Location: Millennium Dawn Memorial Park 

Tzu-Yaw has been fascinated by mosaics art since he was a student. His work invites the traveler to take off their heavy shoes through a playful method, liberate their feet and five senses, and feel the charm of the ocean. 

Artist: I Wayan Sadera (Indonesia) 
Location: Nantian Coast Water Park 

Wayan is an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist. The Bali language of BUBU means fish cage. The two fish cages adapted different weaving methods like Bali and Taiwan to encourage us to pass on the ancient skills to the next generation and find a new context of the ages. 

6. Meet in Nanhui When Hearing the Calling from the Pacific Ocean 
Artist: Shang-Wei Qiu (Taiwan) 
Location: Daniao Recreation Area 

The work features two faces staring at each other, which take the meaning of “calling” and “meeting.” The work represents the longing and calling for the hometown of the children who are away from home. It also merges the legend, region, industry, and marine cultures of the locals. 

7. The Starting Point
Artist: Eleng Luluan (Taiwan) 
Location: Shangwu 9420 Coastal Recreation Area

Eleng Luluan is an acclaimed Taiwan indigenous artist. From her perspective, Nanhui-Link Highway is not just a highway but a protection path to exhibit, greet and tolerate different love and care. 

8. Calling the Wind of the South
Artist: Etan Pavavalung (Taiwan) 
Location: Shangwu 9420 Coastal Recreation Area 

Paiwan Artist Etan Pavavalung’s art is diverse, with subtle poetic and imaginative style. This work uses the lily image of Paiwan tribe and waste telephone pole to build an imaginative and poetic artwork. 

9. On Top of the Hill 
Artist: Shu-Yen Chen, Tuwak Tuyaw (Taiwan)
Location: Jinlun Old Tribe

The work is wrapped by the bamboo chips from the mountain forest, flowing and overlapping with the driftwood while containing robust metal inside. The sharp and confident eyes of eagles are expected to guard the youth of the homeland with confident projection to the future afar. 

10. Ruvuwa'an- The Birthplace
Artist: Aichin Rao + PinG. CRUSH (Taiwan) 
Location: Around 370K of the Provincial Highway 9

Based on the oral tale of the Pinuyumayan stone life system, using stones and driftwoods as materials to collage with mosaics. The land name “Ruvuwa'an” means sprouting and birthplace. 

11. Of All Dimensions
Artist: Hana Keliw (Taiwan) 
Location: Jinlun Beach

The work combines people and nature in a square and circular form, and reminds people not to forget that we are also part of nature. “Of All Dimensions” is the principle of life, and “roundness” is the principle of life. “Gapped circle” is to share the cultural values of the indigenous people. 

12. Listen Carefully
Artist: Aluaiy Kaumakan (Taiwan) 
Location: Garden in front of Taimali Railway Station 

Let’s sing together in nature, let all things living in this land find common understanding and wisdom to look after each traveler. We travel along this beautiful highway, unloading our heavy bags and enjoying the wonders of the next stop. 

13. Serendipity 
Artist: Eric Chen (Taiwan) 
Location: Flower field below Wangyou Valley, Jinzhen Mountain 

The work is quietly installed in the valley of Jinzhen Mountain. It is a container that carries the states of life. Through the accumulation of time, plants become records of life patterns in the environment. It is a field where people and nature interact, which also reflects and dialogues with big trees and distant mountains. 

14. Coordinated Chaos
Artist: Andres Amador (U.S.A.) 
Location: HuaYuan Bay

The artist combines the Austronesian cultural connotations of Taiwan and New Zealand by using the patterns and materials of Nanhui-Link to present the totem with sand sculptures and stone balancing, which evokes a mutual conversation between the two cultures.  

Nanhui Art Project
Time: Untill November 14, 2021. 
Please click here for artwork coordinates  https://reurl.cc/DgVazQ

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