Dream Builders Denim Bring the Sunshine into Your Life
A group of people, locating in a simple small town surrounding by the paddy fields in the Northeast Coast of Taiwan, are fighting against their fate & utilizing denim to create a new, more brilliant life for themselves.

PhotoYung Sung

TextBecky Tu

One day, while surfing the website of the National Palace Museum Online Shop, I just find out an object, a lovely denim-covered pillow. The fact is that such a denim-made pillow is a product imitating the appearance of the ''Zun Wine Vessel'' in the Mid Warring States period.

This eye-catching pillow made by denim looks so adorable, just like a cute, healing, & stress relief toy. As fate would have it, that's the chance & coincidence ''Dream Builders Denim'' encounters with, which might lead to coming crossover collaboration.

Let's Move Forward Hand in Hand!
''Dream Builders Denim'' is a social enterprise extended from the Yilan Disadvantaged Single-Mother Families Care Association that expects this brand to create more diverse job opportunities to help the households who have economic difficulties.

Founded in 2013, Yilan Disadvantaged Single-Mother Families Care Association gives economic assistance to single-parent families. Apart from that, the Association hopes to well utilize the members' tailoring talents to set up a unique product line that doesn't merely fill the gap of the Association's working capital but also develop multiple revenues to help single-parent families get more stable income. Therefore, ''Dream Builders Denim'' had made the first step in 2017.

2020 was an important milestone for the ''Dream Builders Denim'.' Led by the CEO, Ms. Yuki Liu, the Yilan-based local mamas had teamed up to boldly propose for the selection project of the National Palace Museum Online Shop. Mamas viewed the permanent exhibitions of the National Palace Museum and tried to get inspired by them. So they cleverly transformed the elements of the national treasures into their creations and five products of their proposal were selected eventually. In May 2020, the creative products of ''Dream Builders Denim'' had officially been launched and available in the National Palace Museum Online Shop.

Five products are respectively two Dream Builders Denim handmade zun wine vessel pillows (large & small sizes), handmade zun wine vessel pincushion, and two handmade chic-cum-stylish hats (large & small sizes).

Except for the products in the National Palace Museum Online Shop, the other products that ''Dream Builders Denim'' made by recycled denim, such as the various cute, healing goods, have their own stories as well. Stay tuned & will share more with you guys by the next post!

The consumers can feel the gentle texture of handmade goods from each handmade denim product of Dream Builders Denim.

You can find Dream Builders Denim in National Palace Museum Online Shop. https://www.npmshops.com/mainssl/modules/MySpace/index.php?sel=prdall&ss=%25u7BC9%25u5922%25u4E39%25u5BE7

More Dream Builders Denim products please see the link below, https://haostore.fami.life/000494/

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