All About Love - Ironmama Rita's Lunchbox Studio
Ms. Rita Tsai, the author of the bestseller ''Ironmama Rita's Story of Lunchbox-Making'', introduces how to make a stunning, cute-food-filled, and colorful lunchbox for kids through her love, skillful hands, and this cookbook. Ironmama Rita is going to share her skills with everyone. Come and see what is Rita's sharing!

PhotoYung Sung

TextBecky Tu

Yii Cultural Enterprise organizes the ''Six Senses Life: Ironmama Rita's Lunchbox Studio'', in which Ironmama Rita is invited to be the main speaker, as well as the most gorgeous lady in the studio. In here, Rita shares her journey of lunchbox making and she is going to tell people how the lunchbox making starts the happy, precious times of the whole family, including expressing her love to the kids and recording each treasured moment of family life.

Rita Tsai, graduating from the Department of Food and Beverage Management and serving as a Restaurant Consultant before, is an expert on how to cook, as well as a master of handmade. When her children are in elementary school, the school promotes at the same time that kids would feel the love and warmth of family if they have the homemade lunch in school. So, it inspires Rita and begins her first step onto the journey of lunchbox making.

Inspiring by her husband and accompanying her passionate besties who are mommies as well, Rita starts another new try, triathlon, in the same period. Therefore, making the lunchbox for kids on weekdays, the tight-scheduled training courses of triathlon, and how to take account of both become the center of her daily life. Even though a hectic life, that makes a sweet and remarkable documentary for her - everything about the making of the lunchbox.

Come to Make the ''Colorful Love-filled Inari Sushi''!

The first event, ''Six Senses Life: Ironmama Rita's Lunchbox Studio'', held by the Yii Cultural Enterprise this year invites Ironmama Rita to demonstrate how to make a unique lunchbox '' Colorful Love-filled Inari Sushi''. Of course, after Rita's demonstration, try to - Do It Yourself!

To prevent everyone from beating a retreat, Rita has got all the complicated preparation done such as the cooked rice, tofu skin, egg crêpes, white water snowflake stems, pickled sliced lotus root, boiled cauliflower, cucumber, fruit, and more. Rita is ready, so come and do it together.

''OMG, it's too difficult to make it!'' Just ask Rita if you have problems in the making! Apart from the demonstration, Rita explains the knowledge of cold lunchbox, how to balance the colors, and also talks about the notes to put the types of food properly.

Under the encouragement from Rita, everyone carefully makes the sushi and utilizes the egg crêpes, sliced lotus root, and corn kernels to design their lunchboxes. Even though people say it's a tough task at the beginning, they make the most of creative ideas and color balances and eventually create their unique lunchbox.





What a wonderful lunchbox! Guess what people say? All of them would like to take it home to share with the family!



It's All About Love. The journey of lunchbox-making never ends because of endless love. Keep going, everyone!


Each handmade lunchbox is a key connection between you and your family, as well as closely relating the valuable memories between family members.
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