Chiseling the Light with Ink — A Solo Exhibition by Alëna Olasyuk Opening Party
Transform the Paper as Wall-sized Canvas & Chisel the Light with Ink

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"2021 Alina Ola Embroidery Solo Exhibition-Using Ink to Cut Light"
Date Duration ▏2O21/O1/5 ─ 2O21/ O1/3O 11: OO ─ 21: OO
Location Venue ▏Wetland Venue. 104 3rd Floor, No. 10, Lane 107, Linsen North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104
Opening time ▏2O21/O1/9 (Sat.) 2pm Wetland Venue 2nd Floor T-PARK
Held the opening party of "Alena Ola Embroidery Solo Exhibition"
Please come and guide

Opening Performance Artists ▏
░ Electronic Musician.
Ryan J Raffa
Ryan is an electronic musician currently living in Taipei. Through the use of module synthesis, field records, and various electronic and non-electronic devices, he explored personal psychogeography, the unconscious and subconscious operation and transformation of mental images.
In 2020, Ryan released his latest album in collaboration with Alëna. Ryan will improvise the works from the new album at the opening scene.

░ Ryan J Raffa

Opening Performance Artists ▏
Musician Singer.
Lisa 力殺
A musician who kills and plays with all kinds of voices, once released an album of the same name under the name of Tang Ai Xuan. The title song "Sky Bound" was a smash hit. After that, she became a professional voice actor behind the scenes. Her ever-changing voice line spans various fields, such as HTC, Advertisements such as Volvo, LG, McDonald's, KFC, Kikkoman Glycol Soy Sauce, and even the ghosts of the movie The Little Girl in Red can be easily controlled. In 2020, Lisha will return to the music scene. With her ever-changing music style, she will share her passionate new creations with you through her music journey over the years. At present, she has successively released "I don't want", "Betty", and "Night Sky"... . Waiting for singles.

░ Lisa 力殺