Planting Seeds with Love: Lú Lú Heya
Lú Lú Heya is a unique sheltered workshop that is not the typical one people have known before. Different from general, simple-demand-oriented sheltered workshops, this unconventional environment is more like a high-quality café with a select shop in the house.


TextWenchien Wu

Designed by the Biaugust Creation Company, Lú Lú Heya is a green construction with the usage of green building materials over 90%. The front section of the house is a café and the rear one is a handmade workshop. There is a customized corridor with a see-through design in the middle. Such a transparent corridor aims to give people at the café a chance to see the children with disabilities who are working hard at the rear workshop. Meanwhile, those exceptional children can feel the jollification from people in the café via the corridor in the middle.

Eva Huang, the CEO of Lú Lú Heya, says she hopes this is not just a workplace where these children with disabilities earn money. Huang hopes this can be a transitional zone that educates these children to grow up and become a member of this society. Huang says Lú Lú Heya will guide them with love until they can work like normal people and become helpful to the enterprises.

Ferrymen for Lú Lú Heya's Staff
In the beginning, Eva Huang, the CEO of the Wei-Ai Foundation, was a volunteer who had served children with disabilities. After getting along with these special needs children for years, Huang realized that many children just need a work opportunity. However, such a job opportunity doesn't merely give them vocational training. The most important point is to educate these children and make them know how to get along with people.

So Huang decides to collaborate with the Biaugust Creation Company. From the design stage in the beginning to the execution stage later, they together help Lú Lú Heya become a café where normal people can step inside easily. The café will serve bagels from Good Cho's, and dishes designed by chef Jimmy of the Restaurant Jimmy Food Place. More than that, the café will serve good tea planted by Taiwan's tea farmers and signature coffee drinks personally guided by the After5 coffee shop as well.

More than Charity
Owen Chuang and Cloud Lu, the brand directors of Biaugust Creation Company, look for many noted brands for collaboration which aims to promote Lú Lú Heya's products to people. Once purchasing, people can find the products are made with good qualities and fine designs. It's not merely consumption but philanthropy. That's a better way to keep the sheltered workshop moving forward long and steadily.

Becoming a Giver
Many of these children with disabilities have to take a two-hour drive to come to Lú Lú Heya for work. Eva Huang says she often feels that they are tougher and more tensile than average people. So she hopes that customers come into the shop and give these disabled children a chance to get along with people and let them fit into society.

Currently, the disabled children are working hard for painting the Wang-Lai Cat, which is a series of ceramic cat dolls prepared for the coming lunar new year gift boxes. Huang says, except for accepting people's help, these children with disabilities are doing their best and using their ways to guide the customers to color the cats. Huang believes that these children can also become a giver one day.

Lú Lú Heya
Address: No. 8-1, Wenchang 3rd St., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City

Open Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:30~19:30


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