Explore Penghu In-Depth
Penghu is 45 kilometers away from the main island of Taiwan, making it the top destination for many people on summer vacations. But how much do you know about Penghu? Today, we will point out eight things about Penghu to help you explore Penghu from a different perspective.

PhotoYung Sung

TextWenchien Wu

For the IOcean Foundation, which has deep roots in Penghu, there is more than meets the eye when discussing the beauty and luster of Penghu. The Founder of Yii Cultural, Ruojia, and her family planned this visit to Penghu. Ruojia also brought along the Exquisite Heart Charity Organization to acknowledge the IOcean Foundation’s goals and efforts in preservation work and to donate to the cause.

8 Things You Don't Know About Penghu
No1. You Can Hand-Plant Corals?
Since the beginning of the IOcean Foundation, “coral restoration” has been a top priority. Therefore the restoration project is one of the projects they are heavily invested in as it bears fruit in restoring life to the sea floor.

Participants of the “coral restoration” project placed the coral seedlings into the planting pots, sealed them with soil, wrote their names, and then put them back into the water.

After the first stage of work as described, divers will dive into the sea with these coral pots and plant them as they are also planting hope for the aquatic lives of Penghu.

No2. Not Just in Kinmen, Penghu Also has “Haus”!
In the past, everyone thought Kinmen was the only "Hau" (horseshoe crab) habitat in Taiwan; They later found out that there are plenty of “Haus” in Penghu as well. Working closely with the local population, the IOcean Foundation continues to record marine life and preserve local biodiversity.
No3. Growing vegetables in Penghu is very Chill
Lydia Wang, the CEO of IOcean Foundation and a caretaker of a local organic farm, experimented with growing lettuce, sesame leaves, and European spices that are rarely planted in the soil of Penghu. Lydia’s experiments help provide local restaurants with affordable and exotic herbs and vegetables.

Coming from an agricultural arts background, Lydia explained that nearly 70% of the vegetables in Penghu are imported from Taiwan, and the loss rate of vegetables amid transportation is high; hence her farm aims to build local self-sufficiency. 
No4. Dried fish + Sesame Leaves = Homemade Onigiri
Sesame leaves are combined with dried fish and wrapped in rice to make Onigiris (Japanese-style rice balls) with the aroma of sesame leaves. All the ingredients in making the homemade onigiri are fresh local ingredients found in Penghu. Needless to say, making food using only local ingredients is environmentally conscious.

No5. Making Thai Massage Balls in Penghu!
Lydia’s farm also grows a wide variety of herbs. When crushed and wrapped in cloth with ginger, these herbs can make great herbal massage balls. You can use it directly or warm it up, then proceed with the massage to maximize its potential to help you relax.

No6. Where Can I Find Sea Glasses?
Sea glass is a type of marine litter, shattered glass, likely from tossed beer bottle fragments. However, when these pieces of glass are immersed in ocean water, their surface turns foggy and colorful. These Sea Glasses are scattered on Penghu’s beaches, waiting for people to find them.

No7. Sea Glasses Become Ornaments!
The founder of Li Sea Glass, Li Ting Wang, picked up these colorful sea glasses, polished them and remade them into jewelry, earrings, and necklaces, repurposing the once-tossed-off marine litter.

This time, she also brought the Exquisite Heart Charity Organization Association members to create Do-It-Yourself bracelets and give the sea glasses a new look through knitting.

No8. What Can We Do For Penghu?
After a day's visit, we discovered the variance in Penghu’s marine ecology and IOcean Foundation’s contributions to preserving local biodiversity. To help support marine life preservation, we invite you to make a small donation and join the ranks of the protectors of Penghu.

It's a long and difficult way to protect the oceans. The ocean protection operation will not be possible without your support. Please donate money to help and jointly make the sea of Penghu crystal clear again.

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