“Love Might be Easy to Say Yet Difficult to Make” Activities Documentary
On the morning of October 14th, based on their field of expertise, Starry Meow and Dr. Connie started a lively dialogue about how making love can be as simple as talking about the topic of love. The goal of the conversation was to analyze and explore intimacy in relationships.


TextWenchien Wu

In astrology, one of the implications of the eight houses is related to intimacy. Meanwhile, in clinical settings, many seek professional and medical assistance to adjust or enhance intimacy in a relationship.

As mentioned above, astrology and medicine might appear to be unrelated. However, from the perspective of interpersonal connection and intimacy, the two subjects share similar themes of assessing intimacy by looking at the body and the heart. Therefore, putting forth this information in a stress-free dialogue format seems most fitting.

Love and Tea Time
On this beautiful autumn morning, with hot coffee and dessert, we wait for the beginning of a terrific dialogue.

Yii Cultural also prepared gifts for the guests. Inside the packaged gifts, a guest will find black bean essence catered to women’s health, feminine care vulva masks from V'COR, and Yii Cultural’s luck and healing tricolor stone.

Kung, Ruo-jia, the founder of Yii Cultural, started the conversation off by addressing the conservative nature of intimacy and established the importance of keeping an open-mind to information regarding intimacy.

Analyze Your Preferences Using The Eight Houses in Your Astrolabe

Expert astrologist Starry Meow kicked us off with how to find the “Eight Houses” using the astrolabe. We also learned about the exclusivity and differences in our astrolabe.

About intimacy, Starry Meow pointed to the symbols representing the sun and the moon. She then explained how stars in the eighth house interact and change one’s preferences in inmate relationships. Preferences include how a person likes to tease in intimate relationships, whether that person would enjoy more conservative styles of romance, and more.

Make intimacy More Harmonious.
When the dialogue shifted to detailing real-world scenarios, the clinically experienced obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Connie, was well-prepared. She shared her insights into clinical cases witty and humorously. She then reiterated that many of her patients initially thought making intimacy more harmonious was impossible, but that is not true. 

Enjoying the astrolabe analyses and Dr.Connie’s real-world cases, an hour and a half of the morning passed in the blink of an eye. Together, we discussed subjects of intimate relationships with a relaxed attitude.

We welcome you to sign-up for Starry Meow’s astrology lecture on November 15th. This time we will explore love from Venus and dive deep into more analytical content about astrology and love.

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